Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Disney Essential Oils Class

Hey there! I currently have a Disney Inspired Essential Oils Class running on Facebook for the rest of the week! Next Tuesday we will be drawing a winner for this adorable trio. Make sure to come check it out!

Friday, March 17, 2017


So I was scrolling through a friends profile last week and saw that she got some pretty amazing healthy snacks delivered to her house for her family. I am a total snackaholic and have been trying to make healthier choices but let's get real for a minute. Healthy and easy is almost always expensive. It's bullshit honestly. So when I saw that using her link could get me $20 on my first order of NatureBox I had to do a little research.  NatureBox makes delicious snacks created with high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.They also have a number of vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free options. Each snack is full on flavor to keep you and your tastebuds happy. So after checking out all their delicious choices I realized how cheap they all are in comparison to other healthy snacks I tend to be drawn to at my local supermarkets. It really was a no brained that this is the way to go to help me get back on track and curb my sweet tooth with something more natural. I ended up with all of this delicious goodness for just $7. Just. 7. Dollars. And I didn't even have to leave my house to get it. Note- this brand is also sold at target but ordering in the box gets you 40% off retail and keeps you out of target, which is saving you what? Like $100 worth of dollar spot items if you're anything like me.  So here's my treat to you. Go ahead and give it a go if you'd like. It's free shipping over $25 which is why I spent $7. But here's a free $20 just for you 😘

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wildtree Snickerdoodle Cookies

Hey all! My little miss is super sick after having her adenoids out 😭 so I've decided to try and whip up some cookies to see if I can get her to eat something - since everything is currently being turned down.  I've had this box of Wildtree Snickerdoodles waiting around for such an occasion and they literally require very minimal work, ingredients and effort on this tired Mamas part, so here we go!  If you're new to my blog, I've been a Wildtree rep for almost 3 years now and they've managed to make my life a little bit easier by providing quality natural and organic food products that I trust and feel good about feeding my family.  The box of Snickerdoodles comes with two packs of mix which each yield about 12 cookies each.  All you need from your own supplies are 2.5tbsp of butter, 3.5tbsp of milk, 1tbsp of sugar and 1/2teaspoon of cinnamon.  Following the directions on the box I mixed the cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl and set aside. Then mixed the remaining ingredients and the snickerdoodle mix in a medium bowl, rolled them into balls and coated them in the cinnamon and sugar mixture. I placed them on a parchment lined pan, topped them off with any extra cinnamon and sugar and cooked them for around 12 minutes (10-15 as directed).  ::::at this point, my house smells AMAZING::::: Sick Kid tested and Mommy approved. We give this recipe two big enthusiastic thumbs up! 👍👍 If you're interested in ordering Wildtree's all natural organic Snickerdoodle cookie mix you can do so here -,1901,335.aspx The box is just $7 and it makes 12 cookies twice. The cookie mix is made with whole wheat flour And there is also a recipe on the box to make these vegan friendly using soy milk and coconut oil ❤️