Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rocksbox rocks my socks off

Hey ladies, I was offered a position as a Rocksbox it girl for 3 months and with that comes an offer for a free month subscription for any of my friends that want to give it a try! Use code: squeaksandcheeksxoxo at checkout for a free month!

What is Rocksbox you ask? It's a subscription box where you create a wish list with different jewelry you like and they send you 3 items a month to borrow or buy. Give them a whirl for the month and if you aren't feeling it you just send them back in the prepaid envelope they send you. Want to keep them one - you pay for it and keep it! Just that simple! 
Here's the link and feel free to send to your friends - the offer is unlimited for the next 3 months 😘 so check out Rocksbox on Instagram @rocksbox to see more or on

Here's what I've tried so far!