Friday, April 15, 2016

Nutritiously Yours LLC

Hey all! Want to let you all in on a new little venture of mine! I'll be helping out and co-blogging over at Nutritiously Yours LLC. 
My partner in crime is a registered dietitian and full time super mom and together we will be sharing healthy family recipes, tips and tricks to a balanced lifestyle, product reviews, cooking with toddlers and more! We are just starting out as far as blogging goes but she is taking clients (ask about what your insurance covers), as well as taking applications for product review or other heathy lifestyle promoting products and clothes. If you or anyone are interested just messge us!

Check us out on Facebook

and IG (@nutritiouslyyoursllc)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Baby Mum Mum sampling meeting thanks to Moms Meet

This right here is my kids heaven. 🙌🏻 Thanks to @momsmeet for choosing me to do a Baby Mum Mum's sampling meeting! Ladies do you give these to your littles? My girl is almost 3 and is still obsessed. They are perfect to throw in your bag for a healthy snack in case of meltdowns at the store or in the car. And back when she was teething these did the trick. She now asks for them by "mom, surfboard please" 😂😂 I'm not going to lie, I've tried them and  the apple pumpkin is pretty darn tasty. And if you aren't a @momsmeet #momambassador yet then you are seriously missing out. Go check out (link in their IG profile) and apply. You'll thank me and your mommy friends will thank you. Hey local friends, you've got some yummy treats to try soon and coupons!!any mamas ordering from me for Wildtree or @squeaksandcheeksboutique  I'll be sure to slip you some coupons too! #babymummum #yum #babysnack #nutritiousanddelicious #eatrealfood #teething #MOMMYHACKS

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rocksbox rocks my socks off

Hey ladies, I was offered a position as a Rocksbox it girl for 3 months and with that comes an offer for a free month subscription for any of my friends that want to give it a try! Use code: squeaksandcheeksxoxo at checkout for a free month!

What is Rocksbox you ask? It's a subscription box where you create a wish list with different jewelry you like and they send you 3 items a month to borrow or buy. Give them a whirl for the month and if you aren't feeling it you just send them back in the prepaid envelope they send you. Want to keep them one - you pay for it and keep it! Just that simple! 
Here's the link and feel free to send to your friends - the offer is unlimited for the next 3 months 😘 so check out Rocksbox on Instagram @rocksbox to see more or on

Here's what I've tried so far! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Loving my lashes

A big old thank you to @influenster and @marcbeauty for sending me this Marc Jacobs #velvetnoir mascara 💫 Seriously loving the difference it makes in my lashes. I'll be posting a full review of this and a few of my other favorites on the blog soon. Stay tuned. Marc Jacobs gets 5 stars in my book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #beautyblog #mascara #marcjacobs #contest

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 resolutions

I wouldn't say it's a resolution necessarily since its been my goal for a better me for a while now. Specifically the last few years with my little sponge Sophie around. Along with getting healthier, loving myself more, and staying real and not feeding into the perfectly curated "reality" that some people on social media put out (just to f with type B - creative but plain old messy- personalities like myself) my big thing is trying to stay present and truly appreciate everything living in the moment. In high school my religion teacher used to make us do "awesome God of the day stories". And as much as I thought they were dumb then, talking about the positive parts of your day really does bring out the positivity in even the worst days. My biggest wish for Sophie is to have her grow up to be kind and be appreciative of the small things and the memories that we create with her. I've started asking her at the end of the day what her favorite part of the day was and then telling her what my favorite part is. Last night I told her how my favorite part was playing Barbies with her and she said "that was my favorite too Mommy, I love you so much." She grabbed my face and have me a huge hug and a kiss. Melted my heart and made me remember that even at the age of 2, she has already gained herself quite the personality and is most certainly appreciative of the simple things. I think a new goal for this next year is to really let her take her own and be careful not to assume that we are the same type personalities. Maybe the terrible 2s are actually our little ones just gaining their personalities and not us just making all their decisions for them. Looking forward to 2016 and all the new growth and learning both she and I will have. Never too soon to instill core values and appreciation for nature and all the amazing things that come naturally.

 #positivevibes #newyearresolution #lifegoals #stayreal #staytrue #donthateappreciate #positivity #appreciation #corevalues

Friday, January 1, 2016

15% off at Sunnyside904

Happy New Year!! Today's blog is a handmade shop feature with an amazing motto and adorable clothes for your kiddos and adults too!

Sunnyside904 is an adorable shop based out of Neptune Beach, Florida that has a beachy vibe and encourages love, kindness and appreciation for our planet ✌🏻️🌎 A portion of their profits are donated to Okoa Refuge bringing hope to Central Africa. 

Their screen print Tee's have feel good messages that you can be happy about your little one wearing out and about. My sweet little Sophie was lucky enough to be picked to be on Team Sunnyside and we have our very own discount code to offer to our friends! So friends, use code: IMWITHSOPHIE at checkout to get 15% off your order! You can check out their shop at:

Or find them on Facebook or Instagram @sunnyside904

Here's a few pictures of Sophie in one of our Sunnyside904 Tshirts that we had a photoshoot in yesterday! 

Headband from @honeybear_handmade
Shoes from @masondixonmade