Sunday, August 23, 2015

Product Review - The Bee Keeper's Baby's PrimaRosa Face Bar

🐝 Product Review 🐝 I've been waiting to share this review because I wanted to try it out for a few weeks first. I have been struggling to find a cleanser that I really love. I've worked for Sephora as a skin care consultant, I've sold for Rodan and Fields, and I can honestly say that my face hasn't felt this good from a face cleanser in a long time. I posted a picture a month or so ago of a bunch of beautifully packaged natural soap bars. Among them was @thebeekeepersbaby 's PrimaRosa bar of face soap. I loved it the first time I tried it but have only learned to love it more over the last few weeks. I'm honestly surprised by how a natural face bar can make my skin feel so fresh and clean. We've already moved onto our second bar in the shower and I am officially hooked. Today I placed an order for their matching PrimaRosa moisturizer and a sea scrunch spray to try out in my crazy locks and can not wait to see the box show up on my door! I highly recommend checking out on Instagram @thebeekeepersbaby and all her pamper perfect products 🐝 PS she has an awesome giveaway going on right now! So go give this small shop a follow and support a Mama looking to reach her goal! 
You can find her on Etsy here: