Friday, August 28, 2015

Coming Soon - Dr. Bronner's 18- in -1 Soap review

I've totally been living under a rock I suppose...has any one used @drbronners 18- in -1 Pure Castille Soap? I'm so insanely excited to be given the opportunity by @momsmeet and @drbronners to sample these products. After doing some reading into, I've realized that not only do these products sound amazing but they put out a great moral message. The 18- in -1 soap can be used for dishes, hands, counters, floors, hair, shaving cream, bathroom cleaner, and even to make organic baby wipes! The options are endless! And they are a fair trade company making socially and environmentally responsible products that dedicates its profits to help make a better world. Spreading the message "we are all sisters and brothers on Spaceship Earth. All-one." Unity across religion and ethnicity sounds like just the type of product is like to support. Local besties get ready for my sampling where you'll each get a bottle and a coupon for next time! And the rest of you out there stay tuned for our review on my blog soon! #fairtrade #allone #drbronners #momsmeet #organic #unity #castillesoap