Monday, February 23, 2015

Get right for summer....back at it

Ok so I know January is over and my resolution had nothing to do with weight but I've decided (along with a bestie) that I'm making a change and getting toned and healthy for summer. I've lost all my baby weight naturally somehow (luck?) and thanks to Wildtree I'm eating cleaner and healthier than I ever have and really enjoying it (surprising to me - I love crap food). But I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and am already starting to make my weekly meal plans and find exercises I can do at home with the tiny terror. This picture may be an unrealistic goal from my honeymoon (Sophie is my St. Lucia souvenir) but I really think I can at least get close to it by gaining back my muscle tone. So follow along with my journey! All cheering on is welcomed and appreciated! Some day I'll grow a set and post some progress pics😂 But I will be sharing lots of recipes on here some Wildtree and some just yummy clean eats I come across. Back on track and back to blogging!