Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fairwell city life

While doing a final wall through on our home in Philly, it was hard not to get slightly sentimental. 

I met Chris shortly after he purchased his house on Disston Street. He was living in his parents basement while he completely gutted and renovated his new bachelor pad. Then he met me and decided he wanted me to be an active part of making decisions on how to paint, decorate, and redo everything because "someday it will be our home." 

So I gave my input, I opened up Home Depot and Lowes credit cards and jumped head first into building this house and our relationship all at the same time. 

There were tons of fights because renovating absolutely sucks and is so much work. But we got through it all together and not too far down the road Chris proposed to me.  

I started treating the house even more like my own. We had parties there for everything, Hurricanes, hot days, cold days, holidays. We made some awesome memories in that house. 

Just a few weeks shy of 2 years ago I moved in, traditionally right after we were married and got back from the honeymoon. Just a few weeks after that I found out that I brought a baby home as our souvenir from St. Lucia. 

-Panic Mode- 

We made a beautiful nursery for Sophie to come home to. And a ton of her firsts were experienced in that house. First talk, crawl, walk, holidays, snow, summer, and more. 

As much as I complained about things like the neighbors hanging their unders on our fence or too much noise, that was our house we built together for our family. We made that house our home. It served it's purpose, it kept us safe and it's where my family started. 

Thank you Disston Street for all that you were for us ❤️