Thursday, September 11, 2014

2 down - a lifetime to go ❤️

Today is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary! (Actually no- I wrote this on our anniversary and totally forgot to post)

I really can't believe how fast this has all gone. When asked what I want for our anniversary I really had no clue what to ask for. I'm so incredibly happy. I have an sweet loving husband, an Amazing family, the best friends, a new beautiful dream house and I really feel like I'm all set. All I want or need is right here ❤️

I do wish I could have the wedding all over again because it was THE best party ever that not a single snag could bring me down ❤️

For an over view you can check out my blog post from last year here- 

But I leave you with my favorite picture that our expressions sum up the whole day and I'm lucky enough to say that today I feel exactly this way still - overjoyed!