Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fairwell city life

While doing a final wall through on our home in Philly, it was hard not to get slightly sentimental. 

I met Chris shortly after he purchased his house on Disston Street. He was living in his parents basement while he completely gutted and renovated his new bachelor pad. Then he met me and decided he wanted me to be an active part of making decisions on how to paint, decorate, and redo everything because "someday it will be our home." 

So I gave my input, I opened up Home Depot and Lowes credit cards and jumped head first into building this house and our relationship all at the same time. 

There were tons of fights because renovating absolutely sucks and is so much work. But we got through it all together and not too far down the road Chris proposed to me.  

I started treating the house even more like my own. We had parties there for everything, Hurricanes, hot days, cold days, holidays. We made some awesome memories in that house. 

Just a few weeks shy of 2 years ago I moved in, traditionally right after we were married and got back from the honeymoon. Just a few weeks after that I found out that I brought a baby home as our souvenir from St. Lucia. 

-Panic Mode- 

We made a beautiful nursery for Sophie to come home to. And a ton of her firsts were experienced in that house. First talk, crawl, walk, holidays, snow, summer, and more. 

As much as I complained about things like the neighbors hanging their unders on our fence or too much noise, that was our house we built together for our family. We made that house our home. It served it's purpose, it kept us safe and it's where my family started. 

Thank you Disston Street for all that you were for us ❤️

2 down - a lifetime to go ❤️

Today is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary! (Actually no- I wrote this on our anniversary and totally forgot to post)

I really can't believe how fast this has all gone. When asked what I want for our anniversary I really had no clue what to ask for. I'm so incredibly happy. I have an sweet loving husband, an Amazing family, the best friends, a new beautiful dream house and I really feel like I'm all set. All I want or need is right here ❤️

I do wish I could have the wedding all over again because it was THE best party ever that not a single snag could bring me down ❤️

For an over view you can check out my blog post from last year here- 

But I leave you with my favorite picture that our expressions sum up the whole day and I'm lucky enough to say that today I feel exactly this way still - overjoyed! 

My lobster ❤️

My husband Chris is my lobster. I love him with all of my heart and was so lucky to have him come into my life when I needed him the most. 

I have had boyfriends on and off since I was very young. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. In high school I really struggled with knowing my worth and having a really low self esteem, depression and anxiety issues but with a cheery exterior to try and cover what was really going on inside. I was lied to, I was cheated on and just overall had my kindness taken advantage of on more than one occasion. 

College years I continued to struggle and go for the wrong type of guys that would let me down time and time again and break my heart. I had some serious heartbreaks but really started to learn my way and stand up for myself. I tragically lost a boyfriend/ someone I considered to be a best friend/ someone I confided in. This was a breaking point for me. I went back to the way I was before. Everything I worked so hard to get through emotionally fell apart. I was pretty much lost. 

I had a few years of trying to just work on myself. I didn't want any sort of a relationship again until I knew it would be just right. I couldn't handle anymore heart breaks or any more jerks. 

I was coaching cheerleading for a local high school since I graduated college. Every summer the high school had a reunion for all graduating classes at a bar at the Jersey shore. My girlfriends that I coached with and I went every year to support the cheerleading a football team (and because it was a good time). One of my best friends that ended up coaching with me eventually, also went to the high school that we coached at which made it even more fun to go to this reunion because we would meet up with old friends of hers. 

The day of the reunion had come and I was pumped. All you can drink and we were walking distance from where we were staying...yessss! 

So we were at the outside bar and it was my turn to buy us girls a round. I went up to the round bar and was waiting (forever) for my drinks. So I start scoping the crowd in my typical nosey fashion and see a guy across the way looking at me. Immediately my face turns red and I dart my eyes to find my friend. She comes up and asks what's wrong, I get our drinks and say "there's a hot guy across the bar and he was looking this way and I geeked out". She looks, and says who Chris? I know him from high school, I'll introduce you. 

Hold up! I immediately pump the breaks and say hell no and before I ever have a chance to explain how I'm feeling drunk and nervous and red faced and geeky, there he is giving her a hug and a hi. All of a sudden a become a mute. 

They chat for a little and he starts directing all of his attention to asking me questions about me. I find my voice, notice he's a little tipsy too (thank god) and start really hitting it off. We ended out hanging out all night that night. He walked me to where I was staying and have me a goodnight kiss. We exchanged numbers and parted ways. 

All night I couldn't stop thinking about him. And how I really hoped he'd call me. The next morning he did. We hung out 4 times that week and each week after that. 

We started officially and exclusively dating after a month. We were engaged in just over a year, married just over a year after that, and pregnant just a week after that. 

I knew the moment I met him I wanted him in my life longer. I knew a few months into dating that longer really meant forever. 

Chris is my Lobster and I love him with all my heart through ups and downs and all arounds. He's my best friend, the best daddy, and he makes me a better person. He is caring and kind and although he is my opposite in many things, he is all the right things for me. He was just what I needed and just when I needed it the most. We will be married for two years on Monday and I love looking back on all the memories we've made and thinking of all of those still to come. 

I love you Chris Keller.  always have and always will. Xoxoxox