Monday, August 18, 2014

Sophie's outfit of the day on Saturday

Saturday was a day of really fun times and really fun outfits for Miss Sophie. 

We've been very fortunate to be a brand rep for @enchantedbowshop on Instagram for the past two months. This month she sent us these two gorgeous headbands to model 😍 

Love her shop so much! We can't wait to order a few Halloween ones from her ❤️ 

Later on, our trailer park at the shore had a seafood bake with a DJ which Sophie just loved! She wore our favorite shirt brand - @trulysanctuary on Instagram (also on etsy) and her Little Nugget Republic trailer pants (@littlenuggetrepublic on IG) and her Garden of Arden headband that we won in a giveaway of hers on IG (@gardenofarden1 or also on etsy). 

Such a great weekend with the family 💗