Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

I'm so deeply hurt by the death of Robin Williams. He was truly talented and brought a great light into this world and to have it turned out in such a way just is all wrong. 

Being a kid from the 80s-90s I consider Robin to be a huge portion of my childhood that opened my imagination to animals running free in the suburbs in Jumanji, to the feeling that you can always live out your inner child like Peter Pan in Hook, and the endless laughs and lines that I still pull out to this day in Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Depression is a horrible horrible disease. Unlike other illnesses, it can't always be seen. In fact, a large portion of people that suffer from depression use a happy face and humor as a defense mechanism. I've suffered from depression and anxiety for a huge portion of my life. No one would ever know it. I have memories as far back as grade school to where I knew that I just wasn't ok. And not just sad or moody. And I wish I would have known how to express it better from early on and asked for real help. But I was always known as the happy girl. Always with a smile on my face, even when inside I was a mess. I still have times when I struggle and I thank God everyday that I have family and friends that support me and understand my troubles. And most importantly, I'm thankful that I spoke up, let it be known and got help so that I can now see that I'm not alone. 

Poor poor Robin lost his battle in the worst way, that will impact many. To see some one that brought so much happy to the world, leave on such a sad note just hurts.  I'm sad that there will be no new works of his talent for Sophie to grow up with. I'll be sure to teach her how great he truly was. 

Depression is real. And you never know what battle someone is fighting on the inside. And don't be afraid to speak up about your inner demons, get help because even though you may not know it, there are people that think the world of you. 

Be free genie ❤️