Monday, July 7, 2014

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Review

Hey All!
I was lucky enough to be picked to participate in an Influenster Vbox of Herbal Essence products!

I have always for as long as I can remember been a big HE fan. I loved their color stay shampoo and conditioner for when I was in my die my hair all cray cray colors phase and their leave in conditioner has been a must for my tangled wavy locks for as long ago as I was allowed to have an opinion.

About a week or so ago I was sent a box with these three awesome products: Dry Shampoo, and Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

I couldn't have gotten this at a better time. I was once a natural blonde. I didn't start dying my hair until college and when I did I gradually started to notice some serious abuse signs in my hair. Until just recently I was bleaching, straightening and just all around heat abusing my hair. My hair is naturally wavy and when my hair is in good healthy condition they tend to go just the way I like them. I am a summer girl and love myself some beach time and as much beach time as humanly possible. Knowing very well that I should be wearing a hat to protect my color and texture of my hair I still don't always do it which leaves me with some pretty fried out looking hair by the end of the summer. This past week I used the samples that I was given and I can honestly say that I notice a difference in the moisture locked into my hair on the days that I used the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I used it before my baby girls first birthday, knowing that I would be leaving my hair wavy for this mermaid theme birthday party. And I couldn't have been happier with my wavy tamed results!

As for the Dry Shampoo, I have only used one other before and only used it maybe once for no real reason in particular. I now have tried the HE Dry Shampoo about 5 times in the past week or so and I love it! Along with the awesome smell, it gives you just the right refresher that you need on day old locks. As a mother of a very active 1 year old, I don't have time to wash my hair everyday. Not only that but its actually healthier and recommended that you don't wash your hair single day if you can. I am fortunate enough to have very thick hair and I can go a day or two without washing my hair. I do as I mentioned have wavy hair though which after a night of sleep can get quite unruly and all over the place - like this:

But this dry shampoo has definitely helped me on those in between days this past week. I can do a quick spray, brush and go without having to worry about getting looks on my quick run to Target, or the beach, or the food store because it gives me the look of newly washed/styled hair without all the time consuming tasks that go along with having thick and long hair. I can see this being awesome for those of you with the opposite of that as well though. I know that some people neeeeed to wash their hair everyday because their hair gets a greasy look to it and others with thin hair need clean hair to have volume. But I would honestly give this a shot and see if you could join the no wash crew! I leave you with this picture (that I posted on my last blog, I know, i know) in which I used the dry shampoo and felt pretty darn good about my results.