Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse?

So last night I had one of those awful dreams. Do you guys ever get these? Where you are screaming someone's name with all your might to have them  help save you....because zombies/ghosts/vampires/gorillas are trying to kill you? 

Well I get them every once and a while and ughhh I wake up with horrible chest pain and anxiety from it! I totally believe that in that moment it is real. Because usually it's in a setting that I'm actually in at the moment. 

For instance, last night Chris and I fell asleep on the couch as we usually do most nights. In my dream the zombies were in my living room, dragging me by my feet and I was screaming for Chris who was next to me but it wouldn't come out as anything more than a whisper (in my dream) and I was clawing at his feet but he wouldn't wake up (in my dream). 

Well I woke up, in a panic and Chris was still sound asleep. Then I sat for a second and heard what first sounded like crying. Checked the monitor...nothing. Now it sounds more like a moaning, groaning cry and it's I still in my dream? I shot straight up and looked out the front window....nothing. I then woke up Chris and said "dude I hear a creepy noise". We listened and it started up's close and sounds like it's in the house. Check the monitor again...nothing. No noise showing up on her monitor although it now sounds like it's coming directly from her bedroom. 

Now, let me just say that we have thought Sophie's room could be haunted before. Her toy moved from where I put it once and laid flat on her suitcase, bouncers fell for no reason, etc. So I say 
to Chris, I'm totally freaked out we need to check on Sophie. He says it's not showing on the monitor it's nothing. To which I now respond in the sincerest of bitchyness. WTF Chris, leave no man behind! 

The moaning is loud and like something out of a horror movie. Chris rolls over and I book it to go check on my sweet baby girl. I get to her room and have 100 different horror movies running through my head. She's fine. And I've now pinpointed where the moanings coming from......

Apparently my neighbor has not one but two cats....both of which are in heat and looking for love at 2:30 AM......hoes. 

Lesson learned: do not rely on husband when actual zombies/ghosts/vampires/gorillas come to kill you in your living room.