Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Home Stretch

My timehop app was sweet enough today to bless me with this picture:

This day, last year, I was officially one day past my due date......and miserable.  But not for the reasons you would think. 

I loved my belly. It never really bothered me to be big. I didn't have too many major issues while pregnant (I stress the "too many"). It was getting hot and I wanted an Italian hoagie like nobodies business but that's not why I was miserable. 

When you are told your due date, your told it's a guess and you really could go a week late. Got it. But when everyoneeee is saying they think you'll go early you start to loose the idea of possibly being a week late and having to be induced. 

She was head down, not dropping, and I was not dilating. In fact, one week they said I was and the next they said I wasn't which is really just huge kick to the gut. 

I cleaned the house every single day that week. I ate spicy foods, walked for miles, you name it, I did it.  From the 11th (my due date) until the night of the 17th, I cried like a baby. I was just so excited! I wanted to see her face. I just wanted to hug and kiss her and not take my eyes off of her. Each day got more and more depressing that I couldn't do just that. 

In the end it took them telling me that there was no beds available for me to come in and get induced and to call back tomorrow. That did it. An hour later I was having full blown contractions and got admitted right away. Maybe their plan was to get me worked up haha. 18 hours later my sweet girl arrived and all was good in the world. 

This year with her has been amazing and I'm excited for her big day next Wednesday. I might just cry everyday this week too. But now because my sweetie will be a whole year old ❤️ Where does the time go!