Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sophs 1st Birthday Mermaid Bash

Ok I've been totally behind in posting because I've been so involved in house drama. It's been month since Sophie's first birthday party and it was awesome! We had such a great time with family and friends. Sophie enjoyed every last second of it, especially the cake. The one thing that's always tough about hosting a party is getting all the pictures you want. I didn't get pictures of everything I had hoped to show you all but I did get enough to show you a great peek at how fun it was.  
The spread...
I made some really awesome jelly fish to hang out of paper lanterns and streamers but didn't get a great shot of them. You can see one hanging on the left. 

Crabwhiches thanks to Sophie's God Mommy Aunt CoCo ❤️
Flip flop cookies made by my Mom, sand from Sophie's sweet Aunt KiKi, and...
An awesome fruit salad shark made by my Dad ❤️
Under the sea in my living room. 
We got to reuse the awesome lobster and lobster cage that my Dad hand carved for our wedding ❤️

And my favorite decoration was the Sophie timeline. It was over the candy bar that I completely negected to take pictures of. And I left it up for weeks after because I just loved seeing her month by month changes 😍
Here are a few other random snaps from Sophie's big day 

Outfit #1 

Besties ❤️
Time to sing the damn song - as my Grandpop Fitz would say ❤️
Best day ever ❤️