Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sophie's First Phillies game

Chris and I met way back in 2009, in which we were official bf/gf in under 2 months of meeting. In those 2 months we went to a boat load of Phillies games together. Both of us were big fans prior to meeting each other and it become our favorite date with each other. Baby faces: 

Then last year this was the only game that we both got to go to together: 
.....all 3 of us. 

And we both agreed that bringing an itty bitty baby out to a ball game with the heat, the crowd, and the amount of drinking going on was just NOT a good idea. 

So this year for My Dad's birthday we decided it would be really fun for my parents and Chris, Sophie and I to go to the game all together. So we bought tickets for my Dads birthday in March for the June 26th game vs the Marlins. 

Once we realized that it was conveniently close to Sophie's June 18th birthday we got even more excited. For $25 the Phillies have a really fun package deal where they will give you a really nice basball hat, announce your birthday on the billboard, and come to your seat and get your whole section to sing Happy Birthday while they sprinkle confetti on your head.....well clearly we needed to do that for Sophie. And she got a Birthday Card and she could not have been any more confused yet happy about it. 

She was sooooo well behaved. We did snacks and a lot of pointing and clapping and she actually loved it. 

At the end of the game, they were going to be setting off fireworks in the stadium which was another 1st we were really looking forward to. Well.....this particular night game went 14 innings. Sophie made it to about 10:30/ 11th inning and then gracefully nodded off with her Pop Pop. 

In the 13th inning they played Let it Go from Frozen which immediately made her little head pop up just in time to see us win in the 14th inning followed by fireworks. I have no pictures of the fireworks but they were beautiful. I held Sophie's ears for as long as she would let me while she actually "ooo and ahhh"ed. Then we left after she started to get annoyed with me holding her ears. Sorry sista but I'm only looking out for itty bitty eardrums. So we walked back to the car and watched the end from just far  enough and still close enough. It was an amazing night which we all made some great memories to last a lifetime. ❤️