Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Painting with a Twist

I officially found a new girls night out obsession. 

I don't know this is an all over the place chain type deal but it's all the rage here in Philly and the burbs....Painting with a Twist.  

For one of my sweet besties 30th birthday, all she wanted to do was get a group of her girlfriends together and have a Paiting with a Twist party. 

So that's just what we did! What you do is, you pick from their website which painting you are interested in painting and you each sign up. It was just $35 bucks which to me was a steal of a deal for a night out to do a fun crafty class. 

We brought wine bottles, beer and even some left over punch from Sophie's party along with snacks and cupcakes to sing Happy Birthday. 

And it was so ridiculously fun. A little buzz makes being crafty just that much more fun. Add a really fun, personable and hilarious teacher and boom you've got yourself a party. 

Here's a few pictures of our fun night and my masterpiece I went home with lol❤️