Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Father's Day

Now that 1st birthday celebrations are all done I can catch up! 

Father's Day this year was so so great. Last year I cried because I swore I would have had Sophie already. I bought presents and the coolest of cards where it came with an ink pad to put a hand print on the card. Then I had no little hand to use and just a gigantic belly. 

This year went much better. 

Feeding the seagulls on the dock with Daddy and Pop Pop

And then off to the beach ☀️

And ended it all off with dinner in Surf City. Which if you follow my IG account, you heard about our ridiculous encounter with a wasted lady in the bathroom. For those of you who didn't hear, my mom and I took Soph to the bathroom for a diaper change. A normal looking middle aged woman walked in and came up to Sophie (mid diaper change) and said "oh my god she is so fucking cute" 😁.....then she touched her face..... Big no no. But ok so we said thanks and she went into the stall. We finish up our change and my mom holds Soph while I wash my hands. The woman comes out and (pre hand wash) goes up to my mom and Soph and gets super in her face and close and says come here let me hold you and tries to grab her from my mom. My Mom goes to pull Soph away but before she can, Sophie (for the first time ever) punches the woman in the face and yells Nooooooo! Good girl sweetie. Stranger danger.