Monday, June 9, 2014

Everyday I'm hustling -the third and final

I saved the best for last! My newest and most favorite way that I am bringing in some play money while being a stay at home mama is that it have become a Rodan + Fields consultant! ❤️

A little background, about 6-7 years ago I worked as a skin care consultant at the local Sephora. I LOVED my time spent there. I would have stayed longer if it weren't for my hours being cut and my manager being a little coo coo. I love taking care of my skin and helping people to take care of their own as well as treat their problem areas. Everyone deserves a good confidence boost and your skin is the first thing people see. Your skin is the one place you have to live in so why not love the skin you're in. 

So when I was originally looking into being a stay at home Mom I looked into multiple home demo or home sales companies. I really wasn't thrilled with what I was finding. Minimum monthly sales targets, minimum demos per month, pushy sales tactics.....all things I am anti.

I've worked in all different types of sales food, pharma, retail, etc and the one thing I've learned is that you need to believe in your product. If you don't love what your selling, you'll never get anywhere. I hate to lie, I hate to be pushy and I hate having to sell something that you can't back up what your preaching. 

A few years ago I stumbled upon a blog Bouffeebambini and became an avid follower. I loved Hanna's story and her strength that she showed with weight loss, motherhood, and just trying to mix a living into that. I started following her on Facebook to which she also started following me back.

Hanna contacted me multiple times during my pregnancy and once Sophie was born about Rodan + Fields and how she would love to talk to me about becoming a consultant. I was so hesitant. I didn't want to take too much time away from Sophie, I didn't have much money to make an initial investment into a kit and I didn't want to have to hustle my friends and family and make them have to have demos at their house, etc so I just kept telling her it wasn't for me right now. 

Then she posted this before and after shot of a post preggo belly: 

Now my belly made out ok but not my scarred belly button after turning inside out and having multiple incidents in my teens with an infected belly button ring. So I ran it by the hubs and he gave me the go ahead to buy the Amp MD roller kit and also some sunless tanner. After just one day I saw significant improvement in the saggy skin. 

And the tanner.....amazing

So that clinched it. I fell in love with the product and just knew I had to tell everyone I know about it so they could also share in my joy. 

So I signed on board 2 months ago as a consultant and in those two months I've fallen in love with not only the products but also the company and the amazing women I work with. 

Being a stay at home mom gets lonely. This company surprised me by not just signing you up and leaving you to fend for yourself. The support system is like no other. These ladies actually want to see you do well and with that they give you all the help and ideas you need and more. 

Joining Rodan + Fields has given me such potential for growth in a group that I enjoy. And I'm basically getting paid to wash my face. My skin has never felt better and my attitude towards home selling has officially been changed. 

If anyone is interested in joining my team and/or would like more info please let me know. This industry is blowing up and now is an excellent time to get involved. If you have skin care concerns and want to see what Rodan and Fields can offer you or have an interest in the few products I discussed just give me a yell! You can comment here or email me at ❤️
Be your own boss with me :)