Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stuff I'm loving Saturday

I've got my eye on so many cute things right now and feel like I need to share them along with just some general fun stuff :) 

The entire Gypsy Soul Collective site has got me drooling, but particularly this gorgeous Paisley Maxi dress. If you love boho go check out the sure. 

Sticking with my love of boho, if you have a little girl and are I to the boho style too you have to check out this etsy/IG shop the Boho Baby Boutique. She upcycles shirts, linens, and other beautiful fabrics to make rompers and dresses for your baby girls. Her work is amazing. 

I am so late, I know, but I watched all three seasons in the past month and I'm obsessed. It's witty, it made me laugh, and some of the topics really hit home. I highly recommend you give it a shot before the 4th season rolls around! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

My first Instagram giveaway!

Hey all! For those of you that love I chance to get your hands on some nice freebies for you and your little ones as much as I do, head over to my IG account. I'm taking part in an amazing giveaway that includes 19 shops! 

One big winner will be getting all of the things pictured below! 

So head on over to my IG account @squeaksandcheeks   

I'll be giving away one of the Rodan + Fields foaming sunless tanners that I'm obsessed with! 

Sophie Tyson

But seriously though......I've got a biter. 

I have no idea how to reason with a 1 year old. If she was older, I'd say hey we don't bite say your sorry. Or I'd give her a time out and make her look me in the eye and tell her how bad it hurts and that it's not nice. 

But how do I reason with a one year old nibbler. It's almost everytime she gets angry, which sadly is a lot right now with her teeth coming in. She doesn't always bite me or other people, most of the time she slams her face into the floor and bites the carpet or hardwood which is also no bueno. 

I don't want to have the biter in the play group! She bit a little boy for grabbing her hand and trying to pull her to walk with him. She went to bite a little boy for wiggling his feet. What's next? I don't want to find out. Advice please! 

I love this sweet little nibbler and don't want her to get a bad rep for a little phase 😬 Have you had a biter? What have you done to fix it? Help! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sophie turns One

It happened. I now have a one year old. My sweet little lady who I feel like just got here is now a year old. And she's still just as perfect as she was when she first came into our lives. 

I'm so lucky to be able to stay home and watch her learn and grow every day. She now takes up to six steps on her own and says 16 different words (clearly), she dances and lovessss the Bubble Guppies   

She has the sweetest and silliest personality. Her hair is ginger and her eyes are blue grey and I'm pretty positive they are staying that way. She's everything I've ever wanted and more. 

I love waking up to her smile each day and she has brightened the lives of all of us with that big cheese grin. 

I love you baby girl thanks for having me as your Mommy, I'm the lucky one ❤️

Sophie's First Phillies game

Chris and I met way back in 2009, in which we were official bf/gf in under 2 months of meeting. In those 2 months we went to a boat load of Phillies games together. Both of us were big fans prior to meeting each other and it become our favorite date with each other. Baby faces: 

Then last year this was the only game that we both got to go to together: 
.....all 3 of us. 

And we both agreed that bringing an itty bitty baby out to a ball game with the heat, the crowd, and the amount of drinking going on was just NOT a good idea. 

So this year for My Dad's birthday we decided it would be really fun for my parents and Chris, Sophie and I to go to the game all together. So we bought tickets for my Dads birthday in March for the June 26th game vs the Marlins. 

Once we realized that it was conveniently close to Sophie's June 18th birthday we got even more excited. For $25 the Phillies have a really fun package deal where they will give you a really nice basball hat, announce your birthday on the billboard, and come to your seat and get your whole section to sing Happy Birthday while they sprinkle confetti on your head.....well clearly we needed to do that for Sophie. And she got a Birthday Card and she could not have been any more confused yet happy about it. 

She was sooooo well behaved. We did snacks and a lot of pointing and clapping and she actually loved it. 

At the end of the game, they were going to be setting off fireworks in the stadium which was another 1st we were really looking forward to. Well.....this particular night game went 14 innings. Sophie made it to about 10:30/ 11th inning and then gracefully nodded off with her Pop Pop. 

In the 13th inning they played Let it Go from Frozen which immediately made her little head pop up just in time to see us win in the 14th inning followed by fireworks. I have no pictures of the fireworks but they were beautiful. I held Sophie's ears for as long as she would let me while she actually "ooo and ahhh"ed. Then we left after she started to get annoyed with me holding her ears. Sorry sista but I'm only looking out for itty bitty eardrums. So we walked back to the car and watched the end from just far  enough and still close enough. It was an amazing night which we all made some great memories to last a lifetime. ❤️

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sophs 1st Birthday Mermaid Bash

Ok I've been totally behind in posting because I've been so involved in house drama. It's been month since Sophie's first birthday party and it was awesome! We had such a great time with family and friends. Sophie enjoyed every last second of it, especially the cake. The one thing that's always tough about hosting a party is getting all the pictures you want. I didn't get pictures of everything I had hoped to show you all but I did get enough to show you a great peek at how fun it was.  
The spread...
I made some really awesome jelly fish to hang out of paper lanterns and streamers but didn't get a great shot of them. You can see one hanging on the left. 

Crabwhiches thanks to Sophie's God Mommy Aunt CoCo ❤️
Flip flop cookies made by my Mom, sand from Sophie's sweet Aunt KiKi, and...
An awesome fruit salad shark made by my Dad ❤️
Under the sea in my living room. 
We got to reuse the awesome lobster and lobster cage that my Dad hand carved for our wedding ❤️

And my favorite decoration was the Sophie timeline. It was over the candy bar that I completely negected to take pictures of. And I left it up for weeks after because I just loved seeing her month by month changes 😍
Here are a few other random snaps from Sophie's big day 

Outfit #1 

Besties ❤️
Time to sing the damn song - as my Grandpop Fitz would say ❤️
Best day ever ❤️

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Painting with a Twist

I officially found a new girls night out obsession. 

I don't know this is an all over the place chain type deal but it's all the rage here in Philly and the burbs....Painting with a Twist.  

For one of my sweet besties 30th birthday, all she wanted to do was get a group of her girlfriends together and have a Paiting with a Twist party. 

So that's just what we did! What you do is, you pick from their website which painting you are interested in painting and you each sign up. It was just $35 bucks which to me was a steal of a deal for a night out to do a fun crafty class. 

We brought wine bottles, beer and even some left over punch from Sophie's party along with snacks and cupcakes to sing Happy Birthday. 

And it was so ridiculously fun. A little buzz makes being crafty just that much more fun. Add a really fun, personable and hilarious teacher and boom you've got yourself a party. 

Here's a few pictures of our fun night and my masterpiece I went home with lol❤️

Father's Day

Now that 1st birthday celebrations are all done I can catch up! 

Father's Day this year was so so great. Last year I cried because I swore I would have had Sophie already. I bought presents and the coolest of cards where it came with an ink pad to put a hand print on the card. Then I had no little hand to use and just a gigantic belly. 

This year went much better. 

Feeding the seagulls on the dock with Daddy and Pop Pop

And then off to the beach ☀️

And ended it all off with dinner in Surf City. Which if you follow my IG account, you heard about our ridiculous encounter with a wasted lady in the bathroom. For those of you who didn't hear, my mom and I took Soph to the bathroom for a diaper change. A normal looking middle aged woman walked in and came up to Sophie (mid diaper change) and said "oh my god she is so fucking cute" 😁.....then she touched her face..... Big no no. But ok so we said thanks and she went into the stall. We finish up our change and my mom holds Soph while I wash my hands. The woman comes out and (pre hand wash) goes up to my mom and Soph and gets super in her face and close and says come here let me hold you and tries to grab her from my mom. My Mom goes to pull Soph away but before she can, Sophie (for the first time ever) punches the woman in the face and yells Nooooooo! Good girl sweetie. Stranger danger. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Home Stretch

My timehop app was sweet enough today to bless me with this picture:

This day, last year, I was officially one day past my due date......and miserable.  But not for the reasons you would think. 

I loved my belly. It never really bothered me to be big. I didn't have too many major issues while pregnant (I stress the "too many"). It was getting hot and I wanted an Italian hoagie like nobodies business but that's not why I was miserable. 

When you are told your due date, your told it's a guess and you really could go a week late. Got it. But when everyoneeee is saying they think you'll go early you start to loose the idea of possibly being a week late and having to be induced. 

She was head down, not dropping, and I was not dilating. In fact, one week they said I was and the next they said I wasn't which is really just huge kick to the gut. 

I cleaned the house every single day that week. I ate spicy foods, walked for miles, you name it, I did it.  From the 11th (my due date) until the night of the 17th, I cried like a baby. I was just so excited! I wanted to see her face. I just wanted to hug and kiss her and not take my eyes off of her. Each day got more and more depressing that I couldn't do just that. 

In the end it took them telling me that there was no beds available for me to come in and get induced and to call back tomorrow. That did it. An hour later I was having full blown contractions and got admitted right away. Maybe their plan was to get me worked up haha. 18 hours later my sweet girl arrived and all was good in the world. 

This year with her has been amazing and I'm excited for her big day next Wednesday. I might just cry everyday this week too. But now because my sweetie will be a whole year old ❤️ Where does the time go!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

30 is the new 20?

So I was filling out a survey on influenster so that I can start trying out their boxes to do reviews ( stay tuned for an herbal essences review soon). And then I came across this question. 

Age group 25-29......

It made my stomach turn a bit. I know it's just a number. And it's not that big of a deal. But I still in my head prefer to categorize myself in with the 25 year grouping! I have 3 more months of being 29 and so far I've decided life just gets better the older I get so I haven't stressed to much about turning 30. But this some how did it. So way to go survey category, you've officially set me into a 1/3 life crisis. 

Zombie Apocalypse?

So last night I had one of those awful dreams. Do you guys ever get these? Where you are screaming someone's name with all your might to have them  help save you....because zombies/ghosts/vampires/gorillas are trying to kill you? 

Well I get them every once and a while and ughhh I wake up with horrible chest pain and anxiety from it! I totally believe that in that moment it is real. Because usually it's in a setting that I'm actually in at the moment. 

For instance, last night Chris and I fell asleep on the couch as we usually do most nights. In my dream the zombies were in my living room, dragging me by my feet and I was screaming for Chris who was next to me but it wouldn't come out as anything more than a whisper (in my dream) and I was clawing at his feet but he wouldn't wake up (in my dream). 

Well I woke up, in a panic and Chris was still sound asleep. Then I sat for a second and heard what first sounded like crying. Checked the monitor...nothing. Now it sounds more like a moaning, groaning cry and it's I still in my dream? I shot straight up and looked out the front window....nothing. I then woke up Chris and said "dude I hear a creepy noise". We listened and it started up's close and sounds like it's in the house. Check the monitor again...nothing. No noise showing up on her monitor although it now sounds like it's coming directly from her bedroom. 

Now, let me just say that we have thought Sophie's room could be haunted before. Her toy moved from where I put it once and laid flat on her suitcase, bouncers fell for no reason, etc. So I say 
to Chris, I'm totally freaked out we need to check on Sophie. He says it's not showing on the monitor it's nothing. To which I now respond in the sincerest of bitchyness. WTF Chris, leave no man behind! 

The moaning is loud and like something out of a horror movie. Chris rolls over and I book it to go check on my sweet baby girl. I get to her room and have 100 different horror movies running through my head. She's fine. And I've now pinpointed where the moanings coming from......

Apparently my neighbor has not one but two cats....both of which are in heat and looking for love at 2:30 AM......hoes. 

Lesson learned: do not rely on husband when actual zombies/ghosts/vampires/gorillas come to kill you in your living room.