Thursday, May 22, 2014

Learning to grow

I am a lucky girl to have loads of family and friends that would bend over backwards for me with out even having to ask. In return I would do the same for them in a heart beat. I take great joy in being able to help those close to me in any way that I can or being able to show them I care enough about them that they shouldn't ever have to question the magnitude of our friendship. 

I will be 30 in just a few months and throughout my 20s I've made some amazing friends and acquaintances. I've also had quite a few people show their true colors and that they aren't worth my time. 

How long is too long? How long do you work on a friendship that is one sided before you just call it quits and reciprocate what is dealt out to you. Why make someone a priority when you're barely a speck in their self absorbed life? 

In the past I've been notorious for wanting to stick around and wait for big changes in people. In the meantime I get stepped on, be made to feel unjustifiably guilty and spend entirely too much time complaining about it all. Why should I even give the time of day to a person that is certainly not thinking of me and what a good friend really is. 

I've made tough choices with friends over the last few years and somehow feel like now more than ever I need to weed out and make more time for those that really deserve it. I think this summer will be the start of a new and better way for me. Not everyone needs to be your best friend. And if the only time you hear from them is when they Need something, than what kind of a friend is that?