Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everyday I'm hustlin - part dos

Assuming you've all read part 1, I'll get right into my second new business venture which most of you may already know about but I always seem to still get tons of questions about. 

Squeaks and Cheeks over the past year has gone from slow starting blog, to booming baby boutique and back to slow moving again. 

I'm currently taking a break from what was amounting to an awesome way to make a few bucks as a stay at home mom and also a way to get Sophie some adorable clothes that no one else has. 

The clothes that you have seen me sell on my Facebook page, storenvy site and some also on my new clothing Instagram page (@shopsqueaksandcheeks) are all bought wholesale. It's a big initial investment but I like it because I can pick how many I want and which ones I want to buy. When you buy in bulk you're able to get better pricing. There are tons of shops that are run by Moms that make handmade or hand printed kids clothes that I eventually plan on getting into. For now I scower the internet for other spots to buy in bulk. The return isn't too huge once shipping costs are added in but every little bit counts and I enjoy shopping so Iove it 😊 

I've had to take a break from buying in bulk until we end up getting our new house. The turnaround time from a lot of these retailers is around a month and with all the in and out that we are doing I don't want to have to deal with hassle from mail getting lost or whatever else could happen. Also, my "office" was and still is my dining room table for all these ventures and the last thing I need is more things to hide in my car when we have to show the house! 

In addition to the clothes I buy to sell, I'm also selling clothes that Sophie hasn't worn on Instagram shop @shopsqueaksandcheeks and I highly recommend it to all you moms that got more clothes than you know what to do with for your kids. It's easy, it's safe by using paypal and you will get more than any store will give you for returning clothes once they are out of season. 

Some other awesome apps I've had some luck with selling clothes I don't wear anymore are Poshmark, Vinted, Totspot (for Sophie) and Threadflip. 

Check them out! And check back for part 3 of how I'm making my living soon :)