Thursday, May 22, 2014

Everyday I'm hustlin -part 1

Ok so I decided since I've been MIA that I'd update you all on what I've been doing lately. I'm insanely busy and all over the place! 

Being a stay at home Mom is AWESOME. I love seeing Sophie grow, I love having no commute, and I love not having to put up with anyone's shit. Except Sophie's. I don't mind not having money for myself and the hubby pretty much takes care of all our needs anyway. I do however just feel weird using his money to buy him gifts. I used money that I still had saved up for his birthday gifts and party in February but now there's Father's Day, our anniversary and then before you know it Christmas.  

I like contributing and I've had tons of elaborate ideas (that still aren't entirely out of the question) on how I could make money while stating at home with Sophie. I bought all the material I could ever need for baby headbands, tutus and dresses to be able to make and sell. Well, that's great and all if your baby likes to self entertain. But my fiery ginger likes to climb the coffe table, try and lick outlets, stick everything she shouldn't in her mouth and cry loud enough to be heard on her fathers conference calls when I put her on the floor by herself. So those are out (at least for now).

Then I found a whole new side of Instagram that I never knew before. The children's shopping community. There are thousands and thousands of shops of moms just like me just trying to make a buck and on some pretty amazing products. I'll have to share my favorites with you another time because it's seriously awesome. 

So let me explain the one way that I've started to make some extra cash and have fun doing it. The easiest to explain is my Vintage baby clothes Instagram shop. I've wanted to start one for a few months and cleaning out my grandmom and my moms things to go to good will finally spring me into action. I run the account with a best friend that shares my passion for vintage baby clothes 💙 

What I do- Sophie and I (and sometimes my friend and her little guy) head out to out local thrift shops. First of course we are looking for adorable vintage outfits for our little ones like this vintage baby romper I scored :

Then we check all the other age groups for other vintage gems like this little boys romper that is just too tiny to jam our little ones into! 

Now as you can see, some of these are brand new vintage items with the tags still on! How cute is this ?!

So we check out, head home, tally everything up with an estimate to include shipping and we announce a post. There are tons of other mamas on there that are looking for and also doing the same thing. We post each item separately and people leave their Paypal invoice. Just that easy! With the right items you can really make some money too! Rompers like the yellow one Sophie is wearing can go for $25 or sometimes even more! Depending on your thrift shop you may be able to get them for as low as what I got mine for with a coupon during a sale day - just $0.75! 

It may seem like too much work for little return to some but Sophie loves going shopping and it's such a fun outing for us both! I actually get a rush from it, it's like a treasure hunt 😊 And worse comes to worse I just have a bunch of adorable clothes for if we ever have another kid. 

So that's part 1 of 3 of my new business endevours 😊. Check back to hear the other two! 

My shop on Instagram is @treasuresbythesea if you want to come check us out!