Monday, February 3, 2014

30 Day squat challenge

I was a day late in finding an awesome challenge that I plan on sticking with this month! The 30 Day squat challenge was posted on Instagram by a mommy blogger that I follow. You can find her super sweet self, her adorable baby girls and all the awesome posts and giveaways she has on Instagram @wifessionals and her blog

So I am on day two of this awesome adventure to turn my saggy booty into a bubble butt and.....uh yea, I'm feeling it. I haven't done a single workout or exercise since I got pregnant and man is that what it feels like. I really like this challenge though because it doesn't take long and I can do it anywhere and at any time. Squats are the best excerises to get results and get them fast. I really am going to try and stick with it and post some embarASSing booty before and after shots....maybe. 

So here it is: