Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another One?

I'm sure all of you moms reading have been asked at least once if you're going to have another baby.

"When's the next one?"
"Are you two thinking of having more?"
"So when do you think you'll try for another?"
"You can't just have one."
"She needs a brother."

Sophie is 7 months old. And I love this stage. I love watching her learn and surprise us with something new everyday. I'm sure I'll miss this stage when she's older.

I'm an only child. And no I am not spoiled, I'm not a brat, and I surprise people with my excellent ability to share and think of others besides myself. In fact I have met, and know quite a few people who have siblings and fit the stereotypical only child role better than myself or any only children I know.

When I was younger I wanted a sibling. But the older I got the more I realized how awesome it was being an only child. My parents are an always will be my best friends. I know that everyone can say that but I really really mean it. 9 out of 10 times I'd rather hang out with my parents than do most other things and it's always been that way. Maybe its because i have the coolest and most fun parents ever but maybe its also because I've had a unique bond with my parents because it was always just us three. I'm sure its a combo of the two, but I love what I have.

I know that Sophie will be my best friend when she's older because I'm going to make sure to follow my parents example and be the parents that always teach you life lessons and discipline but always have time to be a best friend.

I know I will have enough love for another child because it would be ours and an instant bond just like Sophie was. But right now I'm loving things just like they are. I love giving Sophie all of my attention. I love our little family and if another baby was to bless our lives then fine but I'm not rushing anything.

So what if we aren't sure when or if. We are going to take our time making any decisions and take whatever comes our way. Because we are happy the way things are right now. The happiest the both of us have ever been and I like that. Just the way it is.