Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is she your first?

...."Oh you can tell"....says the nice lady in line behind me in Target today. I thought nothing of it at first and continued to frantically sort through my Similac and Pampers coupon hoard.

I can't get through a store without 5-10 people stopping me to talk to Sophie. She's crazy social and wants to smile at everyone and flirt with the boys. I think it's great so for now (until we need to have stranger danger talks) I stop and make small talk with them because its totally beneficial to me as well to talk to an adult or two everyday.

We usually get at least one weird yet friendly person, someone with a little friend for Soph to coo at, and ALWAYS at least one woman who is a grandmom and wants to ask a bunch of questions and mentally compare their grandkid. I'm cool with that. I often want to ask randoms how old their kids are and mentally compare too.

I'm getting much better at not letting other peoples opinions bother me (at least those of strangers) and this wasn't really a bad one but just something that struck a nerve.

"Oh you can tell" she said and I continued to load my items in my cart and hope to see my total come down with my 25 coupons (woot woot i got $60 off holla!)

"You'd never have her dressed this cute if she was your second. No bows, no cute boots, that all stops."

Really? I don't know if I'll have a second but if I do I fully plan on giving that baby everything I can just like I am with Soph. I'm sure my time and money will be spread thin, but I enjoy getting Sophie ready for the day and hair flair is a staple at our house. 

I'd like to think if I make the decision to have another child that I would take all of that into account before making that decision. I would never want my child to think they got slighted in any way shape or form. It literally took 5 minutes to get her ready and she's not in anything super extravagant. it takes 1 minute to grab a headband and stick it on her head. 

It really didn't bother me all that much, just struck a sour note for me. We smiled and said "bye bye" and went on our way. But on the ride home this is what I thought about. And noted that I want more than that if I go that route.

So I ask you Moms of more than one out there, Do you agree with this woman? Do you honestly feel you've made less of an effort with your second, your third, or god bless you your forth?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another One?

I'm sure all of you moms reading have been asked at least once if you're going to have another baby.

"When's the next one?"
"Are you two thinking of having more?"
"So when do you think you'll try for another?"
"You can't just have one."
"She needs a brother."

Sophie is 7 months old. And I love this stage. I love watching her learn and surprise us with something new everyday. I'm sure I'll miss this stage when she's older.

I'm an only child. And no I am not spoiled, I'm not a brat, and I surprise people with my excellent ability to share and think of others besides myself. In fact I have met, and know quite a few people who have siblings and fit the stereotypical only child role better than myself or any only children I know.

When I was younger I wanted a sibling. But the older I got the more I realized how awesome it was being an only child. My parents are an always will be my best friends. I know that everyone can say that but I really really mean it. 9 out of 10 times I'd rather hang out with my parents than do most other things and it's always been that way. Maybe its because i have the coolest and most fun parents ever but maybe its also because I've had a unique bond with my parents because it was always just us three. I'm sure its a combo of the two, but I love what I have.

I know that Sophie will be my best friend when she's older because I'm going to make sure to follow my parents example and be the parents that always teach you life lessons and discipline but always have time to be a best friend.

I know I will have enough love for another child because it would be ours and an instant bond just like Sophie was. But right now I'm loving things just like they are. I love giving Sophie all of my attention. I love our little family and if another baby was to bless our lives then fine but I'm not rushing anything.

So what if we aren't sure when or if. We are going to take our time making any decisions and take whatever comes our way. Because we are happy the way things are right now. The happiest the both of us have ever been and I like that. Just the way it is.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Holiday Hiatus

I'm back!! Sorry, I've been off thoroughly enjoying the holidays! Lots of lazy days with hubby and baby and it was amazingggg. Here are few snapshots that sum it all up❤️๐ŸŒฒ

No tears!
Won this awesome vintage joy sign in a giveaway from Polkadot's Vintage. They have really great vintage items, loads of cute things for a kitschy kitchen๐Ÿ’› check them out on Facebook and Instagram! 

This girl said her first word Christmas morning, I can't make this shit up. Dada was so happy to get such a great gift ❤️๐Ÿ‘
Our Christmas card photoshoot went perfect! 
And we now have a backwards crawler ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

I'm venturing into baby clothes sales now and will be posting all items on my Facebook and Instagram under my new name Squeaks and Cheeks. Named after my squeaky, cheeky lady. My goal is to eventually mix in handmade items once time, space and energy permit. Come check me out!