Tuesday, December 3, 2013

St. Nichols Day - December 6th

Are any of you planning on celebrating St. Nicholas Day this week? I'd like to make this a tradition that we can do in our house someday. Sophie's a little young right now but I think I still might do it this year, if for nothing else but my own entertainment :)

I can remember celebrating back in grade school and all the kids in my class would put one shoe out in the hallway during class and wait for St. Nicholas to come by and put something small as a gift in your shoe. It's more of a European tradition celebrated mostly in Germany and the Netherlands. I'm all about it!

So, this Thursday night, I'm going to put me, Chris and Sophie's one shoe out in the hallway and just put a little treat in each. Mine will more than likely be a snickers, Chris's will be a craft beer of some sort and Sophie's a little toy :)

I'd love to hear about it if you do this tradition at your house or are planning on starting it this year!

I'll have to follow up with a picture of my own but here's an adorable one I found for inspiration: