Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Cards Ordered!

Ordered our Christmas cards yesterday! I am so happy witth how they turned out and I can not wait to get them out! I have to recommend my new favorite place to shop for cards. I have never had so many favorites to choose from when ordering. literally had thousands of holiday cards to choose from and they were all unique from what you see on other sites. I can't wait to share with you how ours turned out! If your looking for something different from the standard cards check out and use the coupon code below to get 50% off! 50% off Holiday Cards & Invites at Cardstore! Use Code: CCN3125, Shop Now! As for the pictures of Soph that we used, we did a spin off of this picture I found on pinterest. I don't have that fancy of a camera though, at least not yet but they still turned out great.

I tried the whole wrap baby in lights thing but I think we seem to be past that point right now, she right away went to stick them in her mouth. It's also getting harder and harder to get her to take a picture, she moves around constantly so half the pictures are blurred and most have her arms in the air because she now has learned the reach out to Mommy to pick you up trick. I love love love that <3