Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sewing machine....check

I have always wanted a sewing machine, from way back when I was wearing jeans that I made jorts or jean purses in the nineties. But I always just did everything by hand. I made myself a dress by hand, awesome costumes, and more. 

But last week I stumbled upon something  awesomeeeee. 

I was scoping out our local thrift store for some ugly sweaters for me and Soph for a party we have in a few weeks. She scored big time, I found 0 though. PS side note, they now have vintage section at the thrift store, which basically means, we're on to you trendy shoppers and will be charging more for trendy items. Not cool.
Any way, I stumbled upon a whole boat load of crafting supplies. Ribbons, lace, a hand embroidering machine for $1.50, and my biggest and best find was a spot with three sewing machines . Two were Singers and one White. The one Singer was older, probably the 60s and was $25 and the most vintage looking in the bunch. But the wheels on this one didn't spin as easy. The White looked good too but I only know Singers to be the best. So I ended up leaving with this beauty from the 90s for just $24.  

And it works perfectlyyyyy!! I had a chance yesterday to make Soph a cute infinity scarf and knot headband. I feel like this is just the beginning of something great! Moral of the story, never underestimate a good thrift shop purchase!