Friday, November 22, 2013

Growth spurt? Teething? Or alien abduction?

I've been slacking on my posts, and crafts, and cooking. But all with good reason....

Who is this baby that takes over at 10-11pm every night and where is my sweet Sophie. 

I've been spoiled. Sophie's nights have always consisted of at least 9 hours and more often than not 12 hours of sleep. Straight through with the occasional "eh I lost my binki". This week however has sucked. Big time. 

I'm a sissy and I have had her sleep in our room in her pack n play but she's 5 months and it's time for me to just get a grip and put her in the big girl crib. I was also entirely to worried about how her crying would keep Chris up and how that would suck for him the next day for work. Well he sleeps through all of our night time shennanigans so really who's hurting here. 

So I did it on Monday, the day she turned 5 months and it went much better than expected. She slept for 5 and a half hours straight through uninterrupted and I was happy with that. Her binki fell out of the crib onto the hard wood floor and startled her wide awake or else I think I could have just plugged her up and she'd continue sleeping. It took some work to get her back to sleep and she was wide to me and I ended up caving and putting her in the pack n play. I know I know boo to me for caving but I was tired and selfish and figured it was day 1 and I should be happy with what I got. 

On to day 2, 3, and 4. Naps in the crib continue to he great, but bedtime! Bedtime I don't know who this is! She will not let me put her down in the crib. Not for a second. It's instant screaming. Not crying, but screaming, whimpering, make yourself choke/throw up crying. I've tried letting her "cry it out a little" sometimes 10-15 minutes but she's not budging. And now as of night 3 she's doing the same thing for the pack n play. Will not let me put her down. 

I feel like I've ruined her and she's way too in tune now. Last night I made her sleep in the pack n play for majority of the night even though she woke up every 20 minutes to a half hour crying. I was wide awake so started reading some articles on sleep training. I feel like I mostly do all of the right things. One thing I did take away was not to let them get exhausted to the point where they are rubbing their eyes. My goal for the weekend is to be better in tune with her tired signs and not her exhausted times. I always do cuddle time in warm jammie's and a blanket and knock her out in a laid down position before bed. The second she touches the bed though it's all over. We've always had a schedule and it really hasn't strayed but I really need to fix this. And quick. I'm a zombie. 

I'll keep you all updated and post some good articles I find helpful. In the meantime, any helpful tips would be so so so so appreciated.