Tuesday, November 5, 2013

F U daylight savings time

I shouldn't even complain and feel a little guilty for doing so....but 

WTF daylight savings!! As a first time Mom I never even thought about it any other way then my usual hooray for an extra hour! Extra hour of sleep, extra hour of daylight, and what used to mean an extra hour at the bar. 

Now, it means I need to wake up an hour earlier. Because I have a 4 month old that doesn't care about these silly rules and said she's stickin with her schedule. 

But really I shouldn't complain at all. Soph's been sleeping 11 or 12 hours a night....every night....for at least 2 months  now. I am spoiled rotten and I know it. But I can sympathize with the poor moms still trying to have their little ones put into a routine and then Daylight Savings comes along and screws that all up. Naps are still a struggle for my girl, she takes three 15 minute naps throughout the day unless I'm lucky enough to have her fall asleep in her swing or of I have time to sit and have her sleep on my chest. 

I'm really starting to appreciate mothers more. I've always appreciated my mom but now even more so. And oh my god, you poor working moms! I'd really like to take back any time I ever thought at work "what the hell is her problem?"  I know what it was now - sleep deprivation, followed by having to leave your sweet baby to deal with idiots. 

Moms very well may be real super heros.