Monday, November 18, 2013

Diaper Bassinet DIY

I'm in the baby heaven right now!! There are so many of my besties preggo right now which means many many baby showers! I wanted to share a little DIY with you on how to make a diaper bassinet like this one that I made for my besties little lady Monroe due this December (or maybe January). 

I used size ones but you can use any size you want. Make sure you also have some rubber bands, ribbon, hot glue and whatever else you'd like to embellish it with, I used some flowers and a piece of felt to write her name on. 

Ok so depending on how big you want it, or how many diapers you have available, start out by making your base. 

I used 14 in two bunches wrapped in the rubber bands. 
Open one diaper up and wrap it opened around the back of what will be your bassinet and tie the two rubberbanded bunches and opened diaper together with ribbon. Thicker ribbon is best for this, even thicker than I used would be even better. 

I then stuffed diapers all around the outside between the ribbon and the rubberbanded packs and folded them over to create the sides of the bassinet. 

Now it's time to build up and make the top. Gather more diapers depending on how high you'd like the bassinet, I used another 14 and wrapped them with a rubber band. Open one diaper and wrap it across the back just like you did with the bottom and also do the same for the front so it will look like a smooth pillow on the front and smooth on the back as well. I used the elastic straps of the diaper to help hold them on. 

Next you make the blanket with another opened diaper to lay on top of your base packs. 
Now you can create the top like I did or using rubber bands. I ran out so I used ribbon. Whichever way, roll up one diaper at a time enough that they will be able to line the pillow. I made 11. 
 I secured the rolls by placing a thin line of hot glue to just a small part of the ribbon and glueing each roll to the top of the diaper pillow. Make sure you position them so that they create a little hood to your bassinet. 
Then take your thick ribbon and wrap the base and the rolls you just added together. Next decorate however you wish! Ta-da! Baby badssinet made of only diapers! 

There are other tutorials on YouTube on how to make them with diapers and onesies and blankets, etc. too. 
I'll be doing another blog to show you some of the presents I gave and also some of the amazing details from their beautiful showers. I'm so happy Sophie will have such fabulous girlfriends in just a few months!!