Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This "Currently" post was inspired by Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee. She answered the questions below and opened it up to her followers to do the same either in a blog post of their own or in the comments section. I loved this, it brings me back to the old AOL days when you'd answer those surveys and hope the boy you liked wrote your name in the crush section of his.....act like you don't remember. Any ways, here's my answers below I found it a lot like therapy to get it all out. If you have some free time comment below with your answers or with a link to your blog with the answers for me to read. It's fun, treat yourself! And check out Kaelah's blog!

READING: I'm stuck. I have started several books lately, got a few chapters in and poof I'm stuck and off to something else. especially now that we are having some baby sleeping issues...But I can tell you about the last book I read that I loved! Aside from the 50 shades of Grey books (hence the 50 shades/honeymoon booze cruise baby girl) the book I read before that, which made me actually LOL, while on a plane, alone, like a crazy lady was Big Ass Bright Lights by Jen Lancaster. Just an all around funny light hearted book that will give you the giggles guaranteed.

WONDERING: What's my next step, whats my next project, how will I be able to set myself apart and be able to make this stay at home mommy/ struggling entrepreneur thing work. This is a decision Chris and I made together, we are doing fine on one income for now, and by no means would I want it any other way. But I miss having money that I earned. I know it sounds selfish but it really is far from it. I don't want money to buy myself things. I've always loved buying Chris surprise little gifts, shirts, or even just a pack of his favorite candy swedish fish. I like to be able to give things to him, to friends, to my family and now the baby without having to feel like I should run it by Chris first. Being independent is just something I've had ingrained in my head since I was very young. For now it'll just continue to be baby steps until I can get into the swing of things, and thats just fine :)

FEELING THANKFUL: I have so many things to be thankful for this year. I'm thankful for my family who is there for me with out a doubt at all times and who offer me, my husband and my baby all the love we could ever need. I'm thankful for a caring husband who's goal is to be the best dad and best friend to Sophie. I'm thankful for friends that I consider to be family and I know they feel the same way. I'm thankful for coffee. I'm thankful for the ability to stay home. I could go on and on and on. I've prayed every single night since Sophie has been born to thank God for blessing me with so many great people in my life and for all the things I listed above. And most of all, I am thankful for little miss Sophie Mary who I can't picture my life without her now. It's the type of love that can't be described, but when your a Mom you know just what I'm talking about. She's my everything and I could be more thankful for every moment I get to spend with her, and to see this face that melts my heart every day.

EATING: Right now I'm half way trying to behave. since I've stopped breast feeding I need to remember eating 1800 calories a day is not really a great idea. With that being said I just finished polishing off a bowl of three scoops of Chocolate chip cookie dough Ice cream.......whyyyyyy.......whhhhyyyyy must I LOVE sweets so much! eh it is what it is,eating right, thats what New Years is for right?

WATCHING: Majority of my day is run like a daycare..... not that I sit her in front of the TV all day or anything I mean she's only 5 months old and that was a big thing that Chris and I agreed no TV babysitter. But I do let her enjoy bits of her favorite shows in between playtime, reading, naps, and bathtime. These are the Chica Show, Super WHy, Sesame Street or Sid the Science kid and yes i somewhat enjoy them more than I'm happy to admit. But at night Chris and I are watching American Horror Story - the Coven. Love, Love, Love. The first season is still my all time favorite but that Jennifer Lang is just such a great villain and I love anything having to do with witches. We also watch the Walking Dead which is just starting to pick up again! OoOooooh boy the Governors in town!  And other than that we are all over the place. Restaurant Impossible, Impractical Jokers (hilarious) and of course Modern Family are pretty much our default when we dont have anything.

WORKING ON: Sleep training first and foremost. This girl is hurting. I just got my "big girl" sewing machine, so I've been working on some baby apparel for Soph to be my guinea pig since I am mostly just winging it without patterns. I have patterns but I just feel like thats cheating. I want to make my own pattern and follow that. I'm working on becoming more organized both in life and in the literal sense of keeping on top of things around the house. I was doing really great until we started having sleep trouble out of the blue. So I'm working on getting back to that....I missed a dentist appointment...I haven't been that mad at myself in a will not happen again.

LOVING: I love Christmas. Any one who knows me, knows Halloween is my favorite holiday. But this year, I really love Christmas. I'm so excited for the music, the decorations, the parties, the family gatherings. And although I always enjoy this stuff its so much more this year with Sophie. Seeing her discover everything for the first time and how happy and excited the small things make her makes me so unbelievably excited for Christmas. To show her snow, and Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, and Santa! So many exciting things and fun traditions that I can't wait to share with her. I love Christmas. 

ATTEMPTING: to get involved more. Again my whole life revolves around little Boss Lady right now and I want her to get the most out of my time since I'm home. I want to join play dates with friends, eventually I want to do baby music classes and baby yoga. Oh speaking of, here's a good one, I'm attempting to fit in a few work out regimes into my day. even if it means doing a few planks while soph does tummy time, or jumping jacks make her laugh. I need to not wait until the last minute and feel insecure this summer and depressed with myself. I guess if you sum this all up, I'm attempting to be Super Mom. 

WANTING: to get rid of all negativity in my life and around me. It's going to be my New Years Resolution but I really need it now. I have so many things to be thankful for and so much love in my heart and around me that all the negativity really is expendable to me. I refuse to have anything or anyone get me down. I'm unsinkable and I want to lead a happy life that inspires others to do the same. Lifes too short to put up with things clogging up your happy heart.