Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This "Currently" post was inspired by Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee. She answered the questions below and opened it up to her followers to do the same either in a blog post of their own or in the comments section. I loved this, it brings me back to the old AOL days when you'd answer those surveys and hope the boy you liked wrote your name in the crush section of his.....act like you don't remember. Any ways, here's my answers below I found it a lot like therapy to get it all out. If you have some free time comment below with your answers or with a link to your blog with the answers for me to read. It's fun, treat yourself! And check out Kaelah's blog!

READING: I'm stuck. I have started several books lately, got a few chapters in and poof I'm stuck and off to something else. especially now that we are having some baby sleeping issues...But I can tell you about the last book I read that I loved! Aside from the 50 shades of Grey books (hence the 50 shades/honeymoon booze cruise baby girl) the book I read before that, which made me actually LOL, while on a plane, alone, like a crazy lady was Big Ass Bright Lights by Jen Lancaster. Just an all around funny light hearted book that will give you the giggles guaranteed.

WONDERING: What's my next step, whats my next project, how will I be able to set myself apart and be able to make this stay at home mommy/ struggling entrepreneur thing work. This is a decision Chris and I made together, we are doing fine on one income for now, and by no means would I want it any other way. But I miss having money that I earned. I know it sounds selfish but it really is far from it. I don't want money to buy myself things. I've always loved buying Chris surprise little gifts, shirts, or even just a pack of his favorite candy swedish fish. I like to be able to give things to him, to friends, to my family and now the baby without having to feel like I should run it by Chris first. Being independent is just something I've had ingrained in my head since I was very young. For now it'll just continue to be baby steps until I can get into the swing of things, and thats just fine :)

FEELING THANKFUL: I have so many things to be thankful for this year. I'm thankful for my family who is there for me with out a doubt at all times and who offer me, my husband and my baby all the love we could ever need. I'm thankful for a caring husband who's goal is to be the best dad and best friend to Sophie. I'm thankful for friends that I consider to be family and I know they feel the same way. I'm thankful for coffee. I'm thankful for the ability to stay home. I could go on and on and on. I've prayed every single night since Sophie has been born to thank God for blessing me with so many great people in my life and for all the things I listed above. And most of all, I am thankful for little miss Sophie Mary who I can't picture my life without her now. It's the type of love that can't be described, but when your a Mom you know just what I'm talking about. She's my everything and I could be more thankful for every moment I get to spend with her, and to see this face that melts my heart every day.

EATING: Right now I'm half way trying to behave. since I've stopped breast feeding I need to remember eating 1800 calories a day is not really a great idea. With that being said I just finished polishing off a bowl of three scoops of Chocolate chip cookie dough Ice cream.......whyyyyyy.......whhhhyyyyy must I LOVE sweets so much! eh it is what it is,eating right, thats what New Years is for right?

WATCHING: Majority of my day is run like a daycare..... not that I sit her in front of the TV all day or anything I mean she's only 5 months old and that was a big thing that Chris and I agreed no TV babysitter. But I do let her enjoy bits of her favorite shows in between playtime, reading, naps, and bathtime. These are the Chica Show, Super WHy, Sesame Street or Sid the Science kid and yes i somewhat enjoy them more than I'm happy to admit. But at night Chris and I are watching American Horror Story - the Coven. Love, Love, Love. The first season is still my all time favorite but that Jennifer Lang is just such a great villain and I love anything having to do with witches. We also watch the Walking Dead which is just starting to pick up again! OoOooooh boy the Governors in town!  And other than that we are all over the place. Restaurant Impossible, Impractical Jokers (hilarious) and of course Modern Family are pretty much our default when we dont have anything.

WORKING ON: Sleep training first and foremost. This girl is hurting. I just got my "big girl" sewing machine, so I've been working on some baby apparel for Soph to be my guinea pig since I am mostly just winging it without patterns. I have patterns but I just feel like thats cheating. I want to make my own pattern and follow that. I'm working on becoming more organized both in life and in the literal sense of keeping on top of things around the house. I was doing really great until we started having sleep trouble out of the blue. So I'm working on getting back to that....I missed a dentist appointment...I haven't been that mad at myself in a will not happen again.

LOVING: I love Christmas. Any one who knows me, knows Halloween is my favorite holiday. But this year, I really love Christmas. I'm so excited for the music, the decorations, the parties, the family gatherings. And although I always enjoy this stuff its so much more this year with Sophie. Seeing her discover everything for the first time and how happy and excited the small things make her makes me so unbelievably excited for Christmas. To show her snow, and Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, and Santa! So many exciting things and fun traditions that I can't wait to share with her. I love Christmas. 

ATTEMPTING: to get involved more. Again my whole life revolves around little Boss Lady right now and I want her to get the most out of my time since I'm home. I want to join play dates with friends, eventually I want to do baby music classes and baby yoga. Oh speaking of, here's a good one, I'm attempting to fit in a few work out regimes into my day. even if it means doing a few planks while soph does tummy time, or jumping jacks make her laugh. I need to not wait until the last minute and feel insecure this summer and depressed with myself. I guess if you sum this all up, I'm attempting to be Super Mom. 

WANTING: to get rid of all negativity in my life and around me. It's going to be my New Years Resolution but I really need it now. I have so many things to be thankful for and so much love in my heart and around me that all the negativity really is expendable to me. I refuse to have anything or anyone get me down. I'm unsinkable and I want to lead a happy life that inspires others to do the same. Lifes too short to put up with things clogging up your happy heart. 

1hr sweet and savory Chicken - just 3 ingredients!

I've been slacking on homemade meals over the last few days. Poor Chris has been slaving away in the kitchen with the fun recipes I find and in turn I've been on baby duty partying all day and night. Or something like that. So tonight Chris offered to make this great chicken recipe I found since Soph was in I deep slumber laying on me. It finished cooking and Chris said, "this was the easiest thing I've ever made and it's really good." He doesn't say this sort of stuff unless asked. He's a quiet guy when he's hungry. So here it is a yummy, easy chicken meal that's a the perfect amount of sweet and spice. 

What you'll need: 
 3 x 1/2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken 
1  x packet of dried Italian dressing mix
1/2 cup brown sugar

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line a dish or a sheet pan with aluminum foil and make sure to cover it really good, the sugar will caramelize and it'll be easier for clean up

Rinse chicken, pat dry with paper towels.

Combine and the dried Italian seasoning mix and the brown sugar in a shallow dish or bowl. 

Dip and press the chicken pieces into the mixture, coating front and back and place into your prepared pan, topside of the chicken facing up. Any extra coating that remains can just be sprinkled over the chicken.

Cook for 50-60 minutes or until chicken is done. Half way through, if you'd like, you can scoop the extra sauce that pools around the chicken on top with a spoon to soak up more of the juices. We didn't and it was still really ridiculously good. 

Well there you go! Enjoy! 

Most fabulous outfit ever.....

I could not possibly be any more excited to finally get my hands on the most appropriate leggings ever that I bought Sophie for the summer. For those of you that don't know, I am a summer girl through and through. I live for the beach. simple as that. 

Last summer Soph was just a newbie but seemed to enjoy the beach for being so little. Not to mention she slept sooooo much better down there. So although it's November, I can't seem to think about anything but summer and pick out fun outfits for Sophie for months from now.

My family has a place in LBI, NJ. And by "a place", I mean my happy place, my little piece of heaven, my home on the water, a short block from the beach and a few steps from the bay. My beautiful trailer in Farenyville Trailer Park and Marina! I'm trailer living and loving it! It's got two bedrooms, a bathroom just shy of the size of mine at home, a luandry room, living room and kitchen. It really is huge in terms of trailer livin' and I know that because we have owned trailers all my life. First was a teeny weeny tiny one when i was a baby, then a some what larger one that my Dad couldn't stand up straight in, and for the past 10 years we've had this big one which feels like a luxary home haha! I wouldn't want it any other way. It has all the room we need and more and allows us to all be together and enjoy each others company. And its literally on the bay and not even a full block from the beach.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2
Trailer #3 I have no good long picture of apparently, just the new deck and Chris cooking on it lol

Anyways I'm getting all nostalgic when really I just want to share this outfit with you!Both were of course ordered on etsy and I now follow them both on facebook to see what other fantastic goodies they have. The shirt is from trulysanctuary and the leggings were from littlenuggetnoggins. Both are really great quality and handmade items! Now just need some matching hair flair!

It really is just perfect!

I also ordered this awesome shirt for Sophie too from  trulysanctuary, if you follow me on facebook you've seen me post it there too. If you don't follow me on Facebook, come on over and "like" me to find more really great deals and cute items I find!
Dinos Are A Girl's Best Friend Dinosaur Graphic Baby Bodysuit By TrulySanctuary, Great Baby Shower Gift, First Birthday Gift Or Party Favor

Friday, November 22, 2013


It's funny when there's a friendship that once had so much love and then they turn on you. 

When you used to rely on them when times were tough, they had so many positive traits and were always so helpful...and then they out of the blue they just start to make things worse. 

I thought I knew you. Microwave. 

Then you went and ruined a perfectly lovely nap. Keep it up and you'll be on my list of house improvements. 

Seriously though whose microwave just beeps and beeps even after you run to open it?! Not cool bro. Not cool. 

Growth spurt? Teething? Or alien abduction?

I've been slacking on my posts, and crafts, and cooking. But all with good reason....

Who is this baby that takes over at 10-11pm every night and where is my sweet Sophie. 

I've been spoiled. Sophie's nights have always consisted of at least 9 hours and more often than not 12 hours of sleep. Straight through with the occasional "eh I lost my binki". This week however has sucked. Big time. 

I'm a sissy and I have had her sleep in our room in her pack n play but she's 5 months and it's time for me to just get a grip and put her in the big girl crib. I was also entirely to worried about how her crying would keep Chris up and how that would suck for him the next day for work. Well he sleeps through all of our night time shennanigans so really who's hurting here. 

So I did it on Monday, the day she turned 5 months and it went much better than expected. She slept for 5 and a half hours straight through uninterrupted and I was happy with that. Her binki fell out of the crib onto the hard wood floor and startled her wide awake or else I think I could have just plugged her up and she'd continue sleeping. It took some work to get her back to sleep and she was wide to me and I ended up caving and putting her in the pack n play. I know I know boo to me for caving but I was tired and selfish and figured it was day 1 and I should be happy with what I got. 

On to day 2, 3, and 4. Naps in the crib continue to he great, but bedtime! Bedtime I don't know who this is! She will not let me put her down in the crib. Not for a second. It's instant screaming. Not crying, but screaming, whimpering, make yourself choke/throw up crying. I've tried letting her "cry it out a little" sometimes 10-15 minutes but she's not budging. And now as of night 3 she's doing the same thing for the pack n play. Will not let me put her down. 

I feel like I've ruined her and she's way too in tune now. Last night I made her sleep in the pack n play for majority of the night even though she woke up every 20 minutes to a half hour crying. I was wide awake so started reading some articles on sleep training. I feel like I mostly do all of the right things. One thing I did take away was not to let them get exhausted to the point where they are rubbing their eyes. My goal for the weekend is to be better in tune with her tired signs and not her exhausted times. I always do cuddle time in warm jammie's and a blanket and knock her out in a laid down position before bed. The second she touches the bed though it's all over. We've always had a schedule and it really hasn't strayed but I really need to fix this. And quick. I'm a zombie. 

I'll keep you all updated and post some good articles I find helpful. In the meantime, any helpful tips would be so so so so appreciated. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sewing machine....check

I have always wanted a sewing machine, from way back when I was wearing jeans that I made jorts or jean purses in the nineties. But I always just did everything by hand. I made myself a dress by hand, awesome costumes, and more. 

But last week I stumbled upon something  awesomeeeee. 

I was scoping out our local thrift store for some ugly sweaters for me and Soph for a party we have in a few weeks. She scored big time, I found 0 though. PS side note, they now have vintage section at the thrift store, which basically means, we're on to you trendy shoppers and will be charging more for trendy items. Not cool.
Any way, I stumbled upon a whole boat load of crafting supplies. Ribbons, lace, a hand embroidering machine for $1.50, and my biggest and best find was a spot with three sewing machines . Two were Singers and one White. The one Singer was older, probably the 60s and was $25 and the most vintage looking in the bunch. But the wheels on this one didn't spin as easy. The White looked good too but I only know Singers to be the best. So I ended up leaving with this beauty from the 90s for just $24.  

And it works perfectlyyyyy!! I had a chance yesterday to make Soph a cute infinity scarf and knot headband. I feel like this is just the beginning of something great! Moral of the story, never underestimate a good thrift shop purchase!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Diaper Bassinet DIY

I'm in the baby heaven right now!! There are so many of my besties preggo right now which means many many baby showers! I wanted to share a little DIY with you on how to make a diaper bassinet like this one that I made for my besties little lady Monroe due this December (or maybe January). 

I used size ones but you can use any size you want. Make sure you also have some rubber bands, ribbon, hot glue and whatever else you'd like to embellish it with, I used some flowers and a piece of felt to write her name on. 

Ok so depending on how big you want it, or how many diapers you have available, start out by making your base. 

I used 14 in two bunches wrapped in the rubber bands. 
Open one diaper up and wrap it opened around the back of what will be your bassinet and tie the two rubberbanded bunches and opened diaper together with ribbon. Thicker ribbon is best for this, even thicker than I used would be even better. 

I then stuffed diapers all around the outside between the ribbon and the rubberbanded packs and folded them over to create the sides of the bassinet. 

Now it's time to build up and make the top. Gather more diapers depending on how high you'd like the bassinet, I used another 14 and wrapped them with a rubber band. Open one diaper and wrap it across the back just like you did with the bottom and also do the same for the front so it will look like a smooth pillow on the front and smooth on the back as well. I used the elastic straps of the diaper to help hold them on. 

Next you make the blanket with another opened diaper to lay on top of your base packs. 
Now you can create the top like I did or using rubber bands. I ran out so I used ribbon. Whichever way, roll up one diaper at a time enough that they will be able to line the pillow. I made 11. 
 I secured the rolls by placing a thin line of hot glue to just a small part of the ribbon and glueing each roll to the top of the diaper pillow. Make sure you position them so that they create a little hood to your bassinet. 
Then take your thick ribbon and wrap the base and the rolls you just added together. Next decorate however you wish! Ta-da! Baby badssinet made of only diapers! 

There are other tutorials on YouTube on how to make them with diapers and onesies and blankets, etc. too. 
I'll be doing another blog to show you some of the presents I gave and also some of the amazing details from their beautiful showers. I'm so happy Sophie will have such fabulous girlfriends in just a few months!! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Homemade Mexi Hamburger helper

This was a quick, yummy meal from tonight. 
What you need:
3/4 bag of ziti noodles 
1 lb ground beef
1/2 pack cream cheese
1 cup water
1 taco seasoning packet
1 1/2 cups of shredded cheese (or more if you want extra cheesey)

Preheat your oven to 350. Boil your noodles while browning the ground beef. Drain both. Put the meat pack into the pan and add the water, taco seasoning and cream cheese and heat for 5 minutes until melted. Put your drained noodles into a casserole dish and mix in the shredded cheese. Pour the meat mixture on top and carefully mix. Sprinkle some extra shredded cheese on top if you'd like. Heat the dish for 25-30 minutes. Yum!

Etsy Shop Open Woo Hoo!

I bit the bullet and finally did it! I've opened my etsy shop!! I named it Squeaks and Cheeks, both of which are nicknames for my Sophie girl so it just seemed perfect since I hope to be selling all things baby. I may be ahead of myself with posting about it but I'm just too excited!

I've only posted one listing so far, this turkey head band:

I'll be making them made to order. Next will be reindeer, Santa, flowers and some really fun other items I can't mention yet because I'll be giving them as gifts first! Next goal will be to move onto baby clothes, hopefully by January!

I'll be posting more hopefully soon!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Awesome giveaway over at Dainty Squid


Feeling lucky? Three lucky winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to Hungry Designs.

They have some amazing wearable art including this gem that I'm gunning for to represent for my handsome sphynx cat Chooch.

Hairless Sphynx Cat Laser Cut Wood Brooch

They also have tons of great day of the dead Disney prints, brooches, and more which just scream to me!

Check it out and enter over at The Dainty Squid's blog

shes awesome and is a fellow cat lady!

And I'll leave you with a snap of my Sphynx Chooch for good luck :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

If I had a nickel......

For everytime I've accidentally woken this girl up because I can't help but smooch that cute little pout and cheeks until i eventually wake her out a deep slumber......

I'd be rich.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Easy yummy pot roast marinade and Parmesan potatoes side

I made the easiest and really pretty fabulous meal for dinner tonight! 

Here's the recipe for the pot roast:
1 pack Italian seasoning
1 pack ranch seasoning
1 pack brown gravy seasoning
1/2 cup of water
And your roast

Put the roast in your crockpot and mix up the packets and water in a side bowl. Once it's all mixed up pour it on top of the roast and cook on low for 7 hours. At 7 hours you can turn it off and let it sit covered for about an hour before serving.

Soooo good!

And as a quick and easy yummy side I made these Parmesan potatoes that I found the recipe for here:

They were delicious! And a quick prep time! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Milestones and a DIY gone wrong

Well, I had a really awesome DIY planned involving a fabulous thrifted frame and some chalkboard paint.....but the hubby decided to make room in the throwing out a big bag of my things that he "thought was trash". No big deal. It only hurts a little.....

So until I find another amazingly ornate and awesome picture frame to do this with I have to settle. For a $12 pre-painted chalk board frame from TJ Maxx. 

Check out Sophie's milestones shots below and imagine the fun that could have been had with my chalkboard paint and thrifted frame :) 

F U daylight savings time

I shouldn't even complain and feel a little guilty for doing so....but 

WTF daylight savings!! As a first time Mom I never even thought about it any other way then my usual hooray for an extra hour! Extra hour of sleep, extra hour of daylight, and what used to mean an extra hour at the bar. 

Now, it means I need to wake up an hour earlier. Because I have a 4 month old that doesn't care about these silly rules and said she's stickin with her schedule. 

But really I shouldn't complain at all. Soph's been sleeping 11 or 12 hours a night....every night....for at least 2 months  now. I am spoiled rotten and I know it. But I can sympathize with the poor moms still trying to have their little ones put into a routine and then Daylight Savings comes along and screws that all up. Naps are still a struggle for my girl, she takes three 15 minute naps throughout the day unless I'm lucky enough to have her fall asleep in her swing or of I have time to sit and have her sleep on my chest. 

I'm really starting to appreciate mothers more. I've always appreciated my mom but now even more so. And oh my god, you poor working moms! I'd really like to take back any time I ever thought at work "what the hell is her problem?"  I know what it was now - sleep deprivation, followed by having to leave your sweet baby to deal with idiots. 

Moms very well may be real super heros. 

Easy Mexican Crockpot meal!

loveeeee me some Mexican food! Usually Taco Tuesday is an every other week deal at my house but today I decided to switch it up a bit from the usual ground meat tacos. It really is super simple and I love an excuse to use the crockpot. 

Here's what you'll need:
Chicken Breasts, I used four big ones. 
1 can of corn (drained)
1 can or tub of salsa
1 can of black beans or pinto if you'd prefer. (Drained and rinsed)
And 1 block of cream cheese. (Don't go fat free, treat yourself) 

I'm also using some mexi cheese to sprinkle on top, but just so I can use up what we have from last Taco Tuesday!
I'd recommend pouring the finished product over some Spanish rice or white rice, but you could put it into taco shells if you'd like or tortillas. You can leave the chicken whole, you could cut it up or you could shred it whatever you'd like! It's pretty soupy so day two would be better as tacos than day one. 

So put the chicken, corn, cream cheese, salsa and beans into the crock pot, cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. 

I'm not a big fan of black beans but my husband is so I put half in and will cook the rest as a side for him. We also used fresh salsa but only because it was on sale, any kind will do!

Every two hours I stir it up, here's what it looks like after 6. 

At 6 hours I turned off the crockpot, shredded the chicken and let it sit covered for another 30-45 minutes. This way the chicken can really soak up the juices. It's really easy to shred though, the chickens already pretty tender. If your not shredding I would still let it sit. 

And about a half hour later and tada!

Perfect for our Taco Tuesday at Casa de Keller! Add hot sauce if ya like it caliente!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Time to spruce up the place

So ideally we would love to be able to move to a bigger house in the suburbs by this spring. And I can not freakin wait. Don't get me wrong I don't hate this house, but notice I didn't say our house.

Although I've lived here for a year now, and I helped paint and create what it is today, I still feel like it's Chris's house. I'd say majority of the things here however are mine. I have a mild hoarding problem but I like to just think of it as a lack of organization tools and a huge imagination of how almost eveything has a value and could be used. But I think the fact that I didn't pick this house out with Chris and that he hates to hang things, has me still feeling like I'm just living here. Does that make sense? It's my house but just not quite home yet. 

Chris has been great on getting my input from early on about paint colors, renovating the kitchen, and finishing the basement. But getting him to hang a frame makes him BoNkErS.....

So aside from the baby's room and the two wall arts I had my dad hang, our walls are pretty naked. Absolutely Naked. I can't deal. Even if we are going to leave hopefully sooner than later, I need to make this place more homie and fast. 

Starting with, this wall. 

Ugh. It's so damn naked. Along with the rest of this room. But this wall, ughhh. It's got such great potential and something needs to be done. So I've decided to make it a collage wall of multiple frames. 

Here's a few things I've pinned as inspiration. 

And here's what I've come up with, with help from Daddy-O!

My Dad came over and helped me out hanging the big K for Keller from TJMaxx, the quote which was a bridal shower gift from my mom and finally my wedding pictures and Sophie's first photos. Its left me room to add on if I want too! I'd like to add another quote and possibly 2 more frames for our family pictures from out wedding. 

I now can say this is my favorite wall in my....home <3