Thursday, October 24, 2013

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Just seven more days until Halloween! And unfortunately this will be my first where I'm not dressing up....I'm feeling old. But it's ok because I have the most adorable costume for Sophie. She's now 4 months old and is just the sweetest little stinker ever.
She is going to be sporting a skunk costume this year and I've already had a trial run and she seems to like it just fine! But then again she enjoyed pumpkins until we put her in one about 10 times today too haha. We've all seen the adorable baby in a pumpkin photoshoots am I right? Well it's a lot harder than it looks! We picked our pumpkin out with no trouble. 

And she loved the pumpkin patch! 

So we decided to give it a try today starting with cutting off the top, putting in a plastic bag and plopping her in for hole placement. 
Easy peasy, all smiles. 

But then on the third or forth shot, there were tears almost from the both of us. There comes a point where you just feel like you might be to torturing the poor girl. First leg holes were too small, then the sides were too high for her poor little arms. Then when we finally got the cutting finished I wrapped her up in a blanket and took her outside for a picture on the front steps. I then realized just because we have been having exceptionally beautiful weather lately doesn't mean that it's not still windy and a bit chilly. So after doing crazy dances on the front lawn to make her laugh instead of hysterically cry we went and took the party right back inside. 

I have her a few minutes to check out the pumpkin and then out her right back in. Again with the tears. What finally worked for my third and final attempt was holding her up standing in the pumpkin, letting her sit herself down and then acting like an idiot to get the smiles. Directly after she napped for a good hour, it's a tough job being a model. Here's the best we got!