Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sophie's Christening!

Sophie's Christening went amazing. She was on best behavior all day and no tears! Not even when she got the holy water poured into her eye haha. 

Sophie's godmother came on over early to help her get ready in her beautiful princess dress she got her from Macy's. 

We gave her an Alex and Ani bracelet with a godmother charm as a thank you present, yet another great reason to check them out for a gift!

We had her Christened at my parish, St. Christopher's and then had the party at the Pen Ryn Estate. It's a beautiful old mansion, I wish I would have taken more pictures of it but I was a bit busy! We switched into the perfect headband that I ordered off of etsy. The shop is called Catch that Rainbow and they had super fast delivery time and tons of cute baby girl headbands. 

The cake pops were a big hit! And everyone loved our homemade centerpieces! They took a little while to put together but the pumpkins from the patch, dollar store vases stuffed inside, and flowers from produce junction all together for ten centerpieces only cost $125 total!

I'm so thankful for great family and friends that love and care about our sweet baby girl. If there's one thing we've got its lots and lots of love!