Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Halloween aka best holiday ever

Here comes my favorite holidayyyyyyy!!! I love Halloween!! I love scary movies, haunted houses, hayrides, pumpkin patches, pumpkin beer, pumpkin latte's, fall scented candles, Halloween decorations, trick or treating and of course picking a costume!!! The last few years, I've made Chris and some of my costumes from scratch. Some turned out awesome and I think that if I had a sewing machine and a bit more than a weeks notice I could have made them look a bit more professional haha! But something about the homemade stitched by hand look makes it that much more fun any way. Here's a few ideas of what we have been:

Cop (bought and reused) and The Hamburgaler (hand made with white tape  on a black sweatsuit, fabric wrapped cardboard hat, cut up wig and lots of fabric pieces for the rest.) :

Next we were the ninja turtles with another couple. Some things bought and then just added some turtle specific colored fabric, great hair spray, and some drawn on felt abs and there you go: 

Then we weren't sure we were going anywhere so last minute were a zombie and a vampire. Lots if makeup fun time! 

And my personal favorite that I completely hand made and sewed for the both of us was mermaid and hammerhead shark! 
Last year we had just found out I was pregnant and I wanted to be comfy and warm since no alcohol would be helping me stay cozy haha so we were Wayne and Garth which I can't find a picture for it because I lost a bunch of pictures :( 

So this year I'm sort of at a loss. I'm not sure if we will be doing anything because of the baby so I don't  know whether on not to make an outfit. I know Sophie will be a skunk (bought costume) and Chris said if he does something he wants to be a jugalo (ICP fan). But I think I really want to be a piƱata haha. Here's a picture of a costume I found on Pinterest, I think it's the winner. Second choice. Darla. If you don't know who Darla is shame on you. 

What are you being this year? I'd love to hear about it! And see it too :)