Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bounce back from baby update

Well I'm not exactly at my goal weight yet, and I don't exactly fit in the fabulous black dress yet but I am so close and so happy! The baby is starting to get into a better nap routine so once I end up fixing some things up around here, I'll have the time to start working out again. 

I was even able to make Sophie a bunch of headbands during a good 15 minute nap which pushes me to start up with the crafting! I've got high hopes of pillow dresses, ruffle booty covers, headbands, tutus and more in my future!

But in the meantime, I'm still breast feeding which has helped with weight loss tremendously since I've still not done a single exercise. I have officially gone from 168 pounds, down to 136 pounds. Sophie will be 3 months old tomorrow! I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on Sunday! And on Saturday night Chris and I got to go out on our own to our rehearsal dinner restaurant, a year from our rehearsal dinner, in the outfits we wore to our rehearsal dinner. It was a proud moment for me! See my results from breast feeding only below and stay tuned as I may start a weight loss program called Advocare soon and I'm anxious to see how it helps! If it proves to be all I've heard it is then I may start selling it as a side job!

One year anniversary 136 pounds -3 months post baby:

 Exactly a year earlier at our rehearsal -131 pounds per baby: