Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sophie's Christening!

Sophie's Christening went amazing. She was on best behavior all day and no tears! Not even when she got the holy water poured into her eye haha. 

Sophie's godmother came on over early to help her get ready in her beautiful princess dress she got her from Macy's. 

We gave her an Alex and Ani bracelet with a godmother charm as a thank you present, yet another great reason to check them out for a gift!

We had her Christened at my parish, St. Christopher's and then had the party at the Pen Ryn Estate. It's a beautiful old mansion, I wish I would have taken more pictures of it but I was a bit busy! We switched into the perfect headband that I ordered off of etsy. The shop is called Catch that Rainbow and they had super fast delivery time and tons of cute baby girl headbands. 

The cake pops were a big hit! And everyone loved our homemade centerpieces! They took a little while to put together but the pumpkins from the patch, dollar store vases stuffed inside, and flowers from produce junction all together for ten centerpieces only cost $125 total!

I'm so thankful for great family and friends that love and care about our sweet baby girl. If there's one thing we've got its lots and lots of love! 

Halloween aka best holiday ever

Here comes my favorite holidayyyyyyy!!! I love Halloween!! I love scary movies, haunted houses, hayrides, pumpkin patches, pumpkin beer, pumpkin latte's, fall scented candles, Halloween decorations, trick or treating and of course picking a costume!!! The last few years, I've made Chris and some of my costumes from scratch. Some turned out awesome and I think that if I had a sewing machine and a bit more than a weeks notice I could have made them look a bit more professional haha! But something about the homemade stitched by hand look makes it that much more fun any way. Here's a few ideas of what we have been:

Cop (bought and reused) and The Hamburgaler (hand made with white tape  on a black sweatsuit, fabric wrapped cardboard hat, cut up wig and lots of fabric pieces for the rest.) :

Next we were the ninja turtles with another couple. Some things bought and then just added some turtle specific colored fabric, great hair spray, and some drawn on felt abs and there you go: 

Then we weren't sure we were going anywhere so last minute were a zombie and a vampire. Lots if makeup fun time! 

And my personal favorite that I completely hand made and sewed for the both of us was mermaid and hammerhead shark! 
Last year we had just found out I was pregnant and I wanted to be comfy and warm since no alcohol would be helping me stay cozy haha so we were Wayne and Garth which I can't find a picture for it because I lost a bunch of pictures :( 

So this year I'm sort of at a loss. I'm not sure if we will be doing anything because of the baby so I don't  know whether on not to make an outfit. I know Sophie will be a skunk (bought costume) and Chris said if he does something he wants to be a jugalo (ICP fan). But I think I really want to be a piƱata haha. Here's a picture of a costume I found on Pinterest, I think it's the winner. Second choice. Darla. If you don't know who Darla is shame on you. 

What are you being this year? I'd love to hear about it! And see it too :) 

It's been a while

Ok so boo to me I haven't kept up like I had said I would but I'm starting back up again! Things have been cray! Weddings, concerts, best friends baby's, obvi my baby, birthday, anniversary and oh so much more. But now I have a lot to talk about!

Chris and I went to the Fall Out Boy Concert last week in Philly and it was amazing as I had expected. I've seen them once before and have been a mega fan for 10 years. I was strangely surprised to see how many little little kids were there. Not like high school, like little kids accompanied by their parents. Any way, Patrick is so thin!! He looks fantastic as does Pete Wentz as always <3 They are a great show and I recommend seeing them in the smallest venue if possible although they were great in the two huge arenas I saw them in and odds of them playing somewhere small now a days is slim. Oh and Panic at the Disco opened for them and they were even better than I expected. The lead singer is nuts. He's extremely energetic and holds your attention at all times with his back flips and screaming high notes. Plus, he's hot. Just sayin. 

So that was part of my amazing birthday gift from my husband andddd he got me five of my long time coveted Alex and Ani bracelets!!! I'm so in love!! 

Bangles are pretty much the only bracelets I wear. I'm more a necklace and earring girl unless its bangles!! If you've never seen Alex and Ani bracelets you need to check out the website. They are the perfect cross between bangles and a charm bracelet and look amazing when they are all stacked up. My husband is a huge fan since now he has a go to gift that he can add on to for me. They are all made in America and come in a cute little black bag with a blurb about what the charm means. I now am the proud owner of the mermaid, oyster, lobster, starfish and sea shell in the Russian Gold tone. I've wanted these for so long but waited knowing they would be an easy gift. I also follow them on Instagram to keep up with the newest additions or to see how the regular bangles look layered with their beaded or other embellished ones. They just got a bunch of Celtic ones that I'll be hoping to get for Christmas!

Another fun jewelry item that my parents got me, that I picked out was from the craft fair we went to a few weeks back on LBI. There was a girl with a tent that sells her things on etsy and by the size of the tent and amount of options I'd say she does pretty well for herself. She ended up mailing the necklace I described to her to my parents and I saw it yesterday for my birthday and I love it. It's a silver necklace with a washer type plate that says "Sophie 6-18-2013" and has a pearl (her birthstone) and a mermaid (because she's my little mermaid). 

 I love it!!! I also picked up a "I <3 my sailor" necklace for Chris's sister. Great quality things so check out her shop. Tracy Tayan Designs -

For my anniversary, Chris bought me a year subscription to Birchbox!! If you don't know Birchbox already it's the gift that keeps on giving. Each month I'll be getting a box delivered to my house with awesome trial sized beauty products to give them a try! I used to work at Sephora and I miss it to no end. We always got goodies from the beauty reps for free and that's how I always learned what I loved and what I liked and what I hated. I will have to update you all once I get my first box! Check out Birchbox, there are a ton of others also that I'll probably do a separate blog about! Ok that's all I've got for you now! Check back because I've got tons of crafting and goody making coming up! 

Bounce back from baby update

Well I'm not exactly at my goal weight yet, and I don't exactly fit in the fabulous black dress yet but I am so close and so happy! The baby is starting to get into a better nap routine so once I end up fixing some things up around here, I'll have the time to start working out again. 

I was even able to make Sophie a bunch of headbands during a good 15 minute nap which pushes me to start up with the crafting! I've got high hopes of pillow dresses, ruffle booty covers, headbands, tutus and more in my future!

But in the meantime, I'm still breast feeding which has helped with weight loss tremendously since I've still not done a single exercise. I have officially gone from 168 pounds, down to 136 pounds. Sophie will be 3 months old tomorrow! I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on Sunday! And on Saturday night Chris and I got to go out on our own to our rehearsal dinner restaurant, a year from our rehearsal dinner, in the outfits we wore to our rehearsal dinner. It was a proud moment for me! See my results from breast feeding only below and stay tuned as I may start a weight loss program called Advocare soon and I'm anxious to see how it helps! If it proves to be all I've heard it is then I may start selling it as a side job!

One year anniversary 136 pounds -3 months post baby:

 Exactly a year earlier at our rehearsal -131 pounds per baby: