Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weight loss update!

Ok so not really a big update but in the last month since I last blogged about my weight I have lost 2 more pounds. I still haven't had a chance to exercise yet so this is still all just because of the breastfeeding. But I'll take it 7 pounds to go to get me to wedding weight :)

I am however making huge strides in being able to put Sophie down during the day. Ok maybe not huge but it feels huge when you've spent two months of constantly holding a baby. She let me put her down for 3 hours while my friend came to my house to do my hair!

So although it was only two pounds I am fitting in my jeans finally! No better feeling than getting back into my pre-preggo jeans, except for if i was in them with no muffin top.... I'll get there. My goal date however is quickly approaching, with . I've tried on my honeymoon black dress and although i can get my self in it, its just a bad look right now. Next step will be to tone my belly and thighs because that seems to be where i need it the most in order to look acceptable in the teeny tiny dresses again.

As far as Sophie's gaining goes she gained a pound this month and is at 10 pounds 5 ounces and 24 inches. I'm so happy that she's so healthy so far considering both Chris and I have bad asthma and allergies. She's trying so hard to talk its absolutely adorable. It looks like a subtitled ninja movie where her lips are moving one way with sounds that don't match coming out. But she thinks its just great :) and so do I :)

Progress pics below! Along with a good thigh routine I'm going to try out hopefully soon! It's very similar to what I did in my bridal boot camp so I know it gets results!

138! 30 pounds down in 2 months.  7 pounds to go to wedding weight
muffin top you've got to go