Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things I'm lovin' Thursday

Top on my list of things I'm lovin Thursday is actually an oldie that I've recently been able to pick back up on now that I'm home during the day.....

The Hills!!! BTW check out the pic with Heidi pre-plastic surgery overload. Seriously though how awesome is it that MTV is rerunning all the episodes of The Hills right now?! If you didn't know, now you know and you should get on that. It is a little depressing that this was on when I was a junior in college (feels like yesterday but was actually 7 years ago) and they are calling it "Retro MTV". I also just found out that my husband has never watched the Hills or Laguna Beach.....this really saddens me for him. My room mates and I would have our guy friends over every Thursday night in college to watch the Hills and have different fancy drinks, and yes they were all straight. It was a great reason to drink during the week! I think you'd be surprised by the amount of guys who's secret indulgence was keeping up on their Heidi and Spencer, LC, and of course the lovely Audrina (my male friends fave). If you never watched Laguna or the Hills I think you will be surprised by how much it can suck you in so do yourself a favor and check it out.

And my other recent TV love fest is with Full House. I watched it when it was first out, and then again while getting ready for high school in the AM, and full circle here I am watching it again folding laundry as a mama on maternity leave. I just can't get away from Uncle Jesse! 

Haveee Mercyyyy! Those Greek yogurt commercials even make my heart skip a beat! And wow....did you see the Jesse and the Rippers reunion on Jimmy Fallon??!? I sang along loudly to each song as if they were NSYNC. Ugh and that smooch that lucky bitch Aunt Becky got at the end!! Ok, ok here's the video...

Ok that's my loves for the moment, more to come next week :)