Monday, August 5, 2013

Headbands, Tutus and other Frilly things

I am finally starting to be able to put Sophie down long enough to get some things done around here. I was able to do some extreme couponing today and my goal for the day is to make one headband for this little lady. Months before she was born I had bought a ton of supplies to make baby headbands and made sure to bring all of my fabric scraps, felt and glue guns over from my parents house.

Probably 2 years ago I bought a ton of stuff to make my own headbands for myself. I ended up making two and getting busy and completely stopping. But the two I made I loved check em out. Old pictures so pardon the quality. I made an obnoxious yellow one and an awesome "beer and bowling" one where I used a bottle cap from our favorite local brewery.

I made both of them using fabric that I cut into circles and used my hot glue gun to glue them to some a felt circle. The bowling balls fabric I folded and overlapped then in a circle and just glued a bottle cap to the center. The yellow fabric I just used the hot glue in the center of each circle and bunched a ton of them onto a headband. Sorry that's a piss poor tutorial but I made them about two years ago so I'll have to make another and do a step by step. 

Anyway, I'm trying to get back into doing these but for Sophie. So months and months and months ago I bought a ton of flowers from Shabby Flowers (if your making headbands beware this site is so addicting) and bought the extra thin elastic also so I can make her more of these head bands: 

I just love them and they fit her head so well and don't leave awful marks! I plan on getting back into the swing of thing making these for her, getting back into making clothes (baby clothes this time), and hoping to be able to make enough that I can open an etsy shop to bring in some extra cash around here. Stay Tuned it will happen!

I also wanted to share this pin that I found that opened my eyes too many different types of bows you can make! Sophie will certainly be sporting some of these soon! 

Hair Bow Tutorial
41 How to Make Hair Bows

And for Christmas this year Chris bought me tons of crochet books and starter kits. I have yet to spend much time on it but there are SO many things I'm dying to make. So I also found this awesome pin on crocheting that I think will be really helpful, visual learner over here!!
Crochet for Beginners {Crocheting}
Crochet for Beginners Tutorial
Any pointers? I'll try and put up a few tutorials once i get into the swing of things!