Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things I'm lovin' Thursday

Since my life is currently a bit boring and consists of diaper changes, feedings and baby talk I've decided not to bore you all with more praise over my beautiful baby girl and write about a few things I'm lovin' right now.

First and foremost, International Delight's iced coffee has been the one thing getting me through these late nights lately. have you tried it? If you haven't you have to! When I was still working and not pregnant, I was stopping several times a week to Dunkin or Starbucks to get an iced latte which ends up being a bit expensive! I just recently tried the ID iced coffee and I am madly in love.

I went on the website (link above) to check out what other flavors they might have and not only do they have a coupon on there for it (I'm a bit coupon obsessed- aspiring extreme couponer) but they also have an adorable idea for a lemonade/iced coffee stand. I don't have kids the age to run a lemonade stand but if you do check it out, they have free printable banners, cupcake toppers, signs etc. that you can print with your home computer.

And if running lemonade stands aren't your thing so much or your kid is still too young like my baby girl, here's a cute little photo op idea I saw on Pinterest just the other day!

I'd love to do a shoot like this with Sophie but probably not until next summer, but I love the yellow romper from the Etsy shop Chicabootique. I just may have to order it for next summer! Check them out they have a ton

Ok thats all for this Thursday! P.S. all my opinions are my own and I am not receiving anything to promote.